There is only one thing that you can be certain of improving and that is your own “self”. The story of Mily Olang, one of the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center trainees who graduated and employed through her hardship and dedication is a living proof.

Mily Olang was born on November 30, 1987, in Bagangga, Davao Oriental. She is 7th among her twelve siblings. At a very young age, Mily learned to be an independent person as she was able to support her education and graduated in elementary. However, she did not pursue higher education because she preferred to help her parents in providing their daily needs thus, she worked as a laundrywoman, housekeeper, and farmhand. In the year 2000, Mily and her younger siblings went to their field and suddenly her right eye was accidentally pierced by a piece of wood which caused her to be partially impaired. From a hardworking daughter, Mily turned as a physically challenged person. At first, she hardly accepts her left eye will be permanently blind but with the help and support of her family, she was able to accept it gradually and the unfortunate situation slowly turns positive.

As she goes older, Mily went to Manila to find a better job. Fortunately, she was employed as a housemaid in Antipolo City. After a year, she met Sammy Bernardo who is a security guard and became her boyfriend for two (2) years. Until such time, they both decided to live together and they were blessed with two (2) sons namely, Kevin James and Sam Melvin. As time passed by, Mily discovered the infidelity of Sammy which caused their separation. Mily went through another challenge as she faced to be a solo parent.

As a housemaid, Mily desires to earn more for her children to give them a good future. She was employed to Mr. Ernesto Lucio’s house wherein she earns Php. 8, 000 per month. Mr. Lucio encouraged her to undergo vocational training in the National Vocation Rehabilitation Center (NVRC) but in exchange, he will cut her salary into Php. 2,000 per month. Mily left Mr. Lucio’s house and decided to change her path and dream bigger.

On February 1, 2018, Mily went to NVRC and sought for possible training. Mily was immediately interviewed and underwent an initial assessment of Social Adjustment Service, Vocational Guidance, Medical Service and Psychological Service (VGPS). On August 13, 2018, she was recommended for admission to the training center. Orientation to the center’s policy/guidelines and services was conducted and upon admission, she was also recommended to be provided with a gratuity allowance and NVRC uniforms.  

Mily underwent Social Rehabilitation Phase for three (3) months wherein she was provided with Basic Knowledge and skills on functional literacy (which includes Braille, Abacus, and Scriptwriting), daily home living, personality development, and improvement of physical functioning. She also underwent training particularly on Massage Therapy course where she developed a positive work attitude, knowledge, and skills. She developed her learning in massage therapy and properly mastered the techniques. As a result, she was recommended for an On-The-Job training (OJT) to explore and apply the acquired knowledge and skills she learned in center. During her OJT period, she was able to provide massage 4 clients in a day and she received tips from her customers amounting to Php. 200 – 500 which is added to her daily income. December 2019, Mily successfully graduated the Massage Therapy course.

On May 6, 2019, Mily was endorsed to the AVIMMS Massage clinic in Sta. Lucia, Cainta Rizal. Currently, she was absorbed in AVIMMS Massage clinic as a massage therapist with a minimum income excluding tips from her customers.

Mily Olang is one of the many successful trainees of NVRC. Mily was able to finish her training despite the hardship and difficulties in her life. She showed her eagerness to learn as she acquired the skills and knowledge in massage therapy, and ensured to apply her learning when she was employed at the AVIMMS Massage clinic, which became her ultimate goal and fulfilled it.  

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