Becoming successful requires a lot of hard work, determination and a lot of perseverance.  No one becomes successful just by sitting and waiting for something to happen. This situation deeply affects and gives motivation to Carmella to achieve her goals and be a successful entrepreneur.

Carmella grew up as a fine lady. She was raised in a family wherein she can be whatever she wants to be and be with whoever she wanted to be with. At the age of 16, she was allowed by her parents to be with someone whom he considered as his boyfriend. Unfortunately, her chosen partner became someone she did not imagine. The guy influenced and swayed her into the darker side of life where she tried different vices such as drinking, smoking and engaging on illegal drugs.

At the age of 17, she started to be involved in peddling and selling prohibited drugs with her partner. Mella admitted that she was forced to sell drugs to help and raise money for her parents and family’s needs. During her birthday on December 2016, she and her partner got apprehended through a buy-bust operation for violating Sec 5 and Sec 11 of Article II of RA 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs.

Mella was sheltered in Bahay Pag-Asa for one year. After the suspension of case filed against her, she was then transferred to Marillac Hills for rehabilitation and further case management.

Mella did not imagine that she still has a way out in everything bad happened. She kept herself busy by making paper bag, bag painting and other paper crafts.

During her rehabilitation in Marillac Hills, she maintains healthy lifestyle and becomes more confident in showing her ability and actively participates in all the activities of the center. Her ability and leadership skill were tried and practiced. The center noticed her charm in selling and communicating with other people which made her popular in selling the goods produced by the residents of Marillac Hills.

Through her attitude towards other residents and the center staff, she was able to be reintegrated with her family on December 6, 2019.

Mella and her partner decided to start a small business through online selling. She is inspired by the quote, “Sun rises so as my day. New experiences, new challenges to face”.  She started selling 2 kilos of French Fries, Frozen goods and as her business gradually expands, she ventured selling appliances. She did not stop exploring her abilities. She believes in herself and what she can do. She added selling Milk Tea on her products and true enough, with commitment and perseverance, she was able to have her small milk tea shop. Indeed, Mella has a different life now than before. She might have lost her way but eventually, she found a much better way. 

Mella showed her gratitude to Marillac Hills through visiting the center that she is very grateful to the learning opportunities obtained while she is being equipped for the challenges she will face in the real world. 

Life is too short so let’s achieve our goals and explore more.” Carmella stated.

The journey is never easy for Carmella but she believed in herself as much as the staff of Marillac Hills believed in her that she can do anything as long as she is determined. ###

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