Life is better with people who believe in you and are willing to give chances despite your past and misfortunes.

Jolyna Adriano is a living witness of a person whose past doing did not define her future.   Jolyna is a typical young girl, who is carefree and loves to explore new things. At the age of 15, Jolyna became a young mother which was the reason for her to stop going to school and gradually, threw her life.  She even met a man who introduced her to use and sell illegal drugs which lasted for two years. She was eventually, apprehended and charged with the violation of RA 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Act of 2002.

Jolyna was sheltered to Bahay Kalinga. She stayed in the shelter for four months. She was then transferred to Marillac Hills. She never thought of changing herself because she branded herself already as “Tinik ng Lipunan” and nobody can change that. 

But her life was turned upside down when she moved to Marillac Hills. Never did she knew that her life was going to change when she realized to accept God through the help of different activities provided by the hardworking staff and volunteers of the Center. She and even becomes an active member of the Legion of Mary, a group of religious volunteers who conducts Bible study in Marillac Hills.

As a responsible adult, Jolyna becomes active and participated to the center’s training and activities such as Cosmetology, Bread and Pastry making, Dressmaking, and Basic computer. Jolyna also took the Alternative Learning System Examination and fortunately, passed. Her perseverance led her to greater opportunities wherein she was recommended to be one of the Scholars of the Rotary Club of Metro Aurora for Culinary Arts Training at the Center for Culinary Arts Quezon City.

Jolyna succeeded in attaining her goal to finish her study and through her hardwork and determination to change herself and her future, she was one of the honor students in her class.

Jolyna once lost herself but found a new start through the help of God and the people who believed in her that anything is possible if she just keeps her faith and trust those who support and helped her.

Jolyna’s case was provisionally dismissed and she was discharged last March 13, 2020. She is now reunited with her daughter with hopeful heart to find opportunities to provide for her daughter since the Center has already equipped her to become ready to face the reality ahead of her.

Ako po ay isang batang naligaw ng landas. Ngunit simula ng ako ay pumasok sa DSWD NCR Marillac Hills ay nabuksan ang aking pag-iisip lalo na sa pag-aaral at sa kahalagahan nito, Lubos akong nagpapasalamat sa DSWD NCR at Marillac Hills sa pag- gabay, pagtitiwala at pagtulong sa akin at sa mga batang katulad ko.” Jolyna stated.

Marillac Hills – National Training School for Girls is a center that provides residential care and rehabilitation to minor girls ages 7-17 years old who are survivors of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and children in conflict with law.###

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