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Lenten activities in Sanctuary Center

The DSWD Sanctuary Center observed the traditional celebration of Lent last April 13 – 16, 2017. Ms. Buenafe Orcino-HP Supervisor led the observance of the Lenten rites.

Among the Lenten rites that were conducted in the center is “The Way of the Cross” which is also known as the “Stations of the Cross” which was held last April 13, 2017. Clients and staff commemorated the Christ’s journey through Calvary to his crucifixion. The fourteen stations featured specific events beginning with Christ’s condemnation after his last supper with the apostles up to His last day on Earth as man.

The organizer installed sculptures and religious images which lined the pathways of the Center for the participants to move from station to station in a short pilgrimage following Christ’s journey. In each station, the participants take a short time to meditate and offer a prayer that corresponds to the specific event depicted in the station. The participants also recite prayers as they move from one station to the next until they have completed all fourteen Stations of the Cross.

Another traditional Lenten rite that was celebrated in the Center is the Pabasa, which was held on April 13-14, 2017. During the pabasa, participants read and chant verses from religious texts as headed by the Homelife Service staff and trained clients. The organizers have prepared two groups of readers who chanted verses that depicted the sufferings of Christ. Participants chanted verses one after the other, with the pabasa lasting until the following day.

The Easter Egg Hunt was then held on April 16, 2017. This event marks the conclusion of the Lenten season. During the Easter Egg Hunt, clients eagerly sought out the forty-nine Easter eggs which were hidden by the Houseparents in different areas of the center with corresponding gifts from the staff.

The traditional and religious aspects of the Lenten season will continue in the center to inculcate to most of the residents as well as the staff a period of moderation, self-discipline and reflection on Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection.

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EGV Athletes bagged medals at UST Special Olympics Unity Games 2017

Held at University of Santo Tomas’ football field on April 7, 2017, residents of Elsie Gaches Village participated in UST – Special Olympics Unity Games 2017 which was organized by Guild of Thomasian Speducators (GuTS) together with the Institute of Physical Education and Athletic (IPEA), College of Education and Special Olympics Philippines wherein 14 medals were bagged by the residents.

EGV residents brought home three (3) gold medals, six (6) silver, five (5) bronze and two (2) ribbons during this one-day sports tournament that aims to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship among the participants through playing unified sports and advocate fair treatment, fight stigma and uphold the right of a person with Intellectual Disability.

Ten (10) EGV residents namely Catherine Uy, Elinita Orbita, Joan Balidong, Rene Joyce Lopez, Jocelyn Buzar, Eli Sandoval, Boogie Sandoval, Benjie Fabella, Israel Flores, and Irene Aysa represent the center in the competition.

UST Special Olympics Unity Games 2017 began with a formal opening ceremony through parade of athletes and the lightning of torch that signaled the start of the games. Four (4) games were conducted simultaneously including 50 and 100 meter run, basketball, soccer and bocce. All games and activities are tailored to fit the limitations of each athlete.

The residents acquired new knowledge, met new friends, and demonstrated camaraderie in playing Unified Sports which likewise enhances their self-confidence, determination and social participation.###

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Provision of assistance to fire victims in Las Piñas

From the fire that made an estimated of 225 families homeless on Saturday evening in Zapote Road, Las Piñas City, the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region distributed today some food and non-food items for the victims of the incident.

Among the provided goods are 300 pieces of food packs (each contains six (6) kgs. of rice, four (4) pcs sardines, two (2) corned beef and six (6) sachets of 3-in-1 coffee), 900 pcs. of bottled water, 900 sheets  of blankets, 900 pcs. of cereals for baby, 300 pcs. of mats and 300 packs of “dignity kits” for personal hygiene of  the victims.

Accordingly, most of the victims are still staying in the evacuation center at Zapote Elementary School while some opted to temporarily stay within their relatives living in nearby areas.

Staff from DSWD-NCR arrived in the site Sunday afternoon to assist the LGU in validating the information gathered for the provision of necessary assistance to the fire victims.

During disaster, DSWD is the national agency in-charged of augmenting to the needs of victims/survivor whenever the Local Government Unit (LGU) expresses inability in providing such.###

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DSWD-NCR conducts “Katok cash card” for Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries

Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries from Valenzuela City present their respective cash cards upon validation of their cash manager during the conduct of “Katok cash card.”

To address the reports on pawning of cash cards among Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries, the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Regionj (DSWD-NCR) through its Project Development Officers (PDOs) initiated the conduct of “katok cash card,” an on-the-spot validation if the cash card is in the possession of beneficiaries.

The activity started in December 2016 wherein the City link (case manager) and Grievance Officers who are assigned in a particular area are immediately verifying the reports on cash card pawning wherein written warning will be served to the beneficiaries who were proved to pawn their cash cards.

Cities of Caloocan and Valenzuela are the pilot areas of “Katok Cash Card” wherein 15 out of the 61 households validated were found guilty in the alleged pawning of their respective cash cards.

Aside from the issuance of written warning, guidelines on the misbehavior of beneficiaries were reiterated to the visited households to raise their awareness regarding the sanctions they might face if they have committed such act.

If the strategy will be found effective in addressing the issue on cash card pawning, it will be eventually applied to other areas in Metro Manila where reports on it were frequently received.

“This initiative will strengthen the advocacy of the Department that we are not tolerating this act of some beneficiaries, for they have to comply with conditions and guidelines of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program as they agreed by signing their “Kasunduan” upon their registration as recipient of it,” DSWD-NCR Regional Director Vincent Andrew T. Leyson said.

Currently, there are 227,373 Pantawid Pamilya households beneficiaries in Metro Manila who are receiving their cash grants based on their compliance to the conditionalities of the program.

Out of the said numbers, 196,104 households are receiving their grants through their cash cards while the remaining are still in their processing of cash card enrollment. ###

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DSWD-NCR enters partnership with Marikina LGU for efficient disaster relief operations

For the effective and efficient conduct of disaster relief operations in Marikina City, the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR) entered a partnership with the said LGU through the signing of Memorandum of Agreement today.

“This partnership will significantly help in times of disaster relief operations since we no longer have to transport the goods in Marikina during the onslaught of calamities especially when the roads are no longer passable, “Director Vincent Andrew T. Leyson said.

As stipulated in the signed MOA, Marikina LGU shall provide a space for the prepositioning of relief goods which shall also serve as a repacking hub in the occurrence of the “Big One” or the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Maximum of 5,000 packed relief goods are planned to be prepositioned within the LGU’s City Social Welfare Office where electricity and water to be used in the location shall be shouldered by Marikina City.

Mayor Marcelino R. Teodoro of Marikina City is the first local chief executive to sign in this agreement while ongoing consultation and coordination with other LGUs is being processed.

This initiative is among the tasks of the Department pursuant to the directive of the Metro Manila Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MMDRRMC) for the preparation of possible 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Metro Manila as per study conducted by JICA and PHILVOLCS.

Meanwhile, DSWD-NCR continuously aims for a more efficient disaster preparedness system which is responsive to the immediate needs of disaster victims thus, partnership with LGUs, NGOs and CSOs in this endeavor is being explored.###

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DSWD provides assistance for indigents’ free medicines at PGH

Started on March 1, 2017 onwards, qualified indigent patients at Philippine General Hospital (PGH) may now avail the medicine assistance under the Libreng Gamot para sa Masa (Lingap sa Masa) project being implemented by Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR).

Lingap sa Masa is among the initiated projects under the Office of the President aiming to provide free medicines for either in or out patients, who can no longer afford to buy such due to crisis situations.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between DSWD and PGH was signed on February 28, 2017 wherein the roles of both parties were stipulated in order to smoothly implement the medicine program for indigent citizens.

Stationed at the office of PGH’s medical social services, a social worker and an administrative assistant from DSWD-NCR are facilitating the assessment, validation and recommendation for provision of assistance to qualified patients of the hospital.

Based on the signed MOA, a guarantee letter addressed to PGH management will be issued by DSWD-NCR once a qualified indigent client has been assessed by the Medical Social Services team upon submission of the following valid documents:  doctor’s prescription with date and name of patient signed by attending physician with license number indicated or as prescribed by the Health team and duly signed by the resident physician and approved by their senior officers (indicating also all license number of attending physicians); Proof of Indigency, such as but not limited to Barangay Certificate of Residency/Indigency or certification of Indigency/Classification Card issued by the UP-PGH Medical Social Service; and valid Identification Card (ID)which shall be the basis for the provision of medicines available at the hospital’s pharmacy.

Intended beneficiaries of the program are the families/individuals who are indigent, vulnerable, disadvantaged or those in the informal sector and poor based on the DSWD Listahanan database, or government employees and Contract of Service workers needing such assistance, and those in crisis situation based on the assessment of the Social Workers.

“This program is another manifestation of the Department’s mantra on ‘Maagap at Mapagkalingang Serbisyo’ wherein hospital patients can now avail the free medicines conveniently at PGH where they are having their regular check-ups and treatment for any medical conditions,” said by DSWD-NCR Regional Director Vincent Andrew T. Leyson.

Meanwhile, whenever the medicines needed by the patients are not available at the PGH pharmacy, guarantee letter will be issued for the client’s availment of medicines which may be available within the drugstores outside PGH with ongoing MOA with DSWD.###

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DSWD-NCR recognizes loyalty awardees and retirees for the Department’s 66th anniversary

DSWD-NCR Regional Director Vincent Andrew T. Leyson (from left) and ASec. Hope Hervilla awarded the plaque of appreciation and cash incentives to Ms. Remedios A. Anday who marks her 40 years in service in the Department and recently retired as Social Welfare Officer II at Community-Based Services Section (CBSS), during this year’s DSWD anniversary celebration.

With a theme: “DSWD@66:May Malasakit,” the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR) culminated this year’s anniversary celebration through the recognition of loyalty awardees composed of staff who have reached another milestone in their public service and giving tribute for its 2016 retirees.

Held on February 22, 2017 at the Field Office grounds, Assistant Secretary Hope Hervilla joined the DSWD-NCR officials and staff in the celebration by assisting the awarding of plaque and cash incentives to the loyalty awardees and plaque of appreciation for the retirees.

In her keynote speech, ASec. Hervilla expressed how amazed she was that some staff has served the Department for more than a decade which for her is a true love not only for their profession but for the people they are serving as well.

“Thank you for bringing me here, thank you for bringing me at the level of this experience for 66 years of celebration… thank you Director Leyson.. thank you awardees because I think this experience is not an ordinary experience. This is an experience that brings me to a new level of giving service to the people… I think 40 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, is a long years of patience, of understanding , of love, to our work, to our people  and I salute you for that,”ASec. Hervilla emphasized.

Meanwhile, Ms. Charito R. Paran, Social Welfare Officer III from Elsie Gaches Village (EGV) and is now in her 35th year in service reminisced the moments she has during her earlier years in the Department where she handles the women’s programs.

Ms. Paran also proudly narrated in her speech on how a former client showed up to her and humbly expressed gratitude to the Department as the said former client is now an instructor for skills training in food processing.

Regional Director Vincent Andrew T. Leyson likewise congratulated the awardees as they demonstrated true love and compassion for the clients being served by the Department which made them stayed for more than a decade in service.

“May we continuously love (our work) without expecting anything in return… we know in DSWD that we still have more clients to serve who really need our assistance… yet, we are also hopeful that with our help and support of our stakeholders, we can uplift the level of well-being of our clients who are in need.”

As response from the retirees, Ms. Florida O. Corpuz, Houseparent II at Sanctuary Center and has served the Department for 39 years shared her thoughts of considering them, the retirees, as graduates.

“I choose the word graduate rather than retiree… If I say I retire, as if I won’t take a bath daily anymore… the word graduate for me is a feeling of advancing to a higher pedestal in the university of love,” Ms. Corpuz shared.

A total of 45 loyalty awardees received their cash incentives and plaque during the activity while 12 retirees received their plaques and given with tribute for their selfless and compassionate service to the clients being served by the Department. ###

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DSWD-NCR encourages the public to legally adopt a child

To uphold the best interest of children who are neglected, abandoned and surrendered, the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR) continuously encourages the public to legally adopt a child.

“Legal adoption is a way to ensure that the rights and security of adopted children are same with that of biological child. This prevents the child from being trafficked that is happening by direct placement which involves birth certificate simulation,” DSWD-NCR Regional Director Vincent Andrew T. Leyson said.

Children who are already declared as legally available for adoption can be matched to the Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) thru the matching conference being conducted by the Regional Child Welfare Specialist Group (RCWSG). Thereafter, the Pre-Adoption Placement Authority (PAPA) and Affidavit of Consent to Adopt (ACA) will be issued by DSWD-NCR to the PAPs. Placement of the child to the PAPs will then takes place upon issuance of the said two (2) documents.

The prospective adoptive parent/s must possess the following qualifications: Filipino citizen of legal age; at least 16 years older than the person to be adopted (adopter may be related within the fourth degree of consanguinity or non-relative of the adoptee); has good moral character and has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude; in a good status to  support and educate the adoptee; and must be emotionally and psychologically capable of caring for his/her legitimate and illegitimate children and the child to be adopted; and undergone the pre-adoption services.

Alien citizens possessing the above-stated qualifications may also adopt a child from the Philippines provided his/her country has a diplomatic relation with the Republic of the Philippines; resident of the Philippines for at least three (3) continuous years prior to the filing of the application for adoption and maintain such residency until the adoption decree is entered; he/she has legal capacity to adopt; and his/her government allows the adoptee to enter their country.

As part of the advocacy to the public on local adoption, a walk for legal adoption was recently conducted at QC Memorial Circle which was participated by the National Government Agencies (NGAs) and members of the Association of Child Caring Agencies of the Philippines (ACCAP).

Said activity is also in line with this year’s adoption consciousness celebration which carries the theme: “Pagmamahal Palaganapin, Legal na Pag-aampon Ating Gawin! (Spread Unconditional Love through Legal Adoption).”

Adoption help desk were likewise installed at Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Paranaque on February 13, 2017 and at Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Main Office Ground Floor on February 17, 2017, at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Manila, SM San Mateo, SM Fairview and SM Marikina on February 18 and 19, 2017, Department of Health on February 21, 2017 and at Department of Justice on fecbruary 22, 2017.

In 2016, DSWD-NCR has facilitated the issuance of Certificate Declaring the Child as Legally Available for Adoption (CDCLAA) to 136 abandoned/ foundling children and 90 surrendered children.

A total of 89 cases for local matching were also facilitated by the Field Office while 153 children were provided with regional clearance for the inter-country adoption.###












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