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Sibol Negosyo: Manggapis Water Station and Sari-sari Store

Ms. Jocelyn Manggapis of Barangay Western Bicutan, Taguig City used to solely rely on her husband’s salary to provide for their family’s needs. However, through her participation in the Sustainable Livelihood Program’s Micro-enterprise Development track, she was able to establish a water refilling and sari-sari store business.

#SLPSibol #SibolNegosyo

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Taguig Urban Farmers Finish “Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan” Training

The Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan participants listen attentively as Ms. Shane Hermogenes, Store Manager for SM Aura Supermarket toured them around the produce section of the market.

The participants of the 184th Batch of the “Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan” Urban Farmers’ Training Program marked the end of their training with a Harvest Festival and Graduation ceremony on November 20-21, 2018 in Taguig City.

The 155 participants of the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan (KSK) program were taught various methods in urban and containerized gardening to provide healthy and sustainable food sources for their families and their community in an intensive training course which spans twelve weeks. During this period, KSK participants were taught to maximize the spaces they have in their homes and backyards to grow their own gardens.

The KSK participants welcomed the stakeholders at their garden site located in Barangay Bagumbayan, Taguig City for the celebration of the Harvest Festival. During the event, the participants showcased their bountiful gardens by touring the guests through the site and by creating delicious dishes using the herbs and vegetables that they harvested. The fun-filled celebration was rounded out with dance performances and games hosted by SM.

The participants arrived bright and early the following day to take part in a market tour at SM Aura. During the tour, Ms. Shane Hermogenes – the Supermarket Manager of SM Aura showcased the various produce offered in the market. Afterwards, the graduation ceremony was held at the Samsung Hall wherein the participants were awarded their certificate of completion and presented their sustainability plan for their gardens.

The Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Batch 184 is the last graduating batch of urban farmers for the National Capital Region this 2018. The training program is conducted by the SM Foundation, in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region, the Department of Agriculture, MacPlas Academy and the Local Government of Taguig. ###

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Finding the Superhero Within

Oftentimes, we underestimate how one act of courage or kindness towards other people can change the world. We think that for us to have a significant impact, we need to be superheroes with superhuman qualities to save humanity or to improve our daily lives.

But for Justin Dale Dela Cruz, small acts can have a big effect. He believes that for bigger change to happen, it must begin in him. He believes that the adversities in his life will not be a hindrance to his dream of becoming a superhero. Instead,  He views each challenge as a  motivation to strive harder to  reach his dreams.

Childhood Memories

Sino po ang kasama ni Mary Jane Dela Cruz?”

Justin’s earliest memories of his mother are their trips to the hospital and him raising his little hand whenever the doctor asked this question. When he was grade one, he remembers carrying their bags down the halls of Philippine Heart Center while his mother tries to catch her breath.

He remembers holding his mother’s hand through every ultrasound and every check-up as she battled against rheumatic heart disease. Meanwhile, his father worked hard as a metal crafter to earn money for their family and his mother’s hospital expenses.

A young Justin with his mother, Jane, who passed away due to rheumatic heart disease in 2014

According to his Lola, the little boy’s mature demeanor for his age has made Jane confident in Justin’s capabilities.

Unfortunately, his mother’s heart became too weak and she succumbed to the disease in 2014.  While he remembers the gloomy hospital trips, his fondest memories of his mother are of her positivity and strength.

“Palagi po siya nakangiti, kahit nahihirapan siya. At ang huling bilin niya po sa akin ay mag-aral akong mabuti at bantayan ko po lagi ang kapatid ko,” Justin said, with tears welling in his eyes.

Life after His Mother

After his mother died, Justin’s father, Joel Dela Cruz, had to juggle different jobs in order to sustain the need of his two sons and to also repay some of the debt the family has due to his mother’s hospital expenses. Their home was also destroyed and was only rebuilt with the help of his father’s family.

In order to have a steady income to provide for his children, his father decided to work in Cavite as a service crew for a restaurant grill. Without a mother and father to look after them, Justin and his brother were entrusted to their grandmother, Ana Dela Cruz, who also lived in Malabon.

Living without his parents by his side has not been easy for Justin. Due to his family’s circumstances, Justin became responsible for his older brother, John Tyron. Though older by several years, his brother had a weak body and was often bullied by his classmates. Justin always came through for his brother and often fended off anyone that would pick on him.

He was determined to fulfil his mother’s wishes despite growing up facing varying difficulties in life. He is a consistent honour student that excells in various subjects. He  actively participates in extra-curricular activities, never letting his challenging circumstances affect his studies, such lack of resources. Like his mother, Justin’s disposition always remains positive; he is even deemed as the joker of their class.

Justin is also Lola Ana’s little helper. His Lola describes him as an industrious and resilient boy. After school activities, he helps in delivering the different goods that their family sell. These include homemade detergents, Boardwalk and Avon products, and meat products such as longganisa. Despite his busy schedule due to his school and his engagement in the community, he makes time to help with the chores around the house.

Justin also immersed himself in the art of Balagtasan. He believes that poetry is a powerful way for him to convey his feelings and his beliefs.  His passion began when he joined a sabayang bigkasan competition when he was in Grade 5.

He said his favourite piece is Jose Rizal’s Sa Kabataang Pilipino, which greatly inspires him to become an open-minded youth that can have a strong impact to the society.

Justin performs his favorite poem, “Sa Kabataang Pilipino” by Jose Rizal.

Committment to Helping Others

Justin’s admiration of Jose Rizal’s works and teachings has awakened his strong sense of altrauism and desire to help the community.  Justin was also determined not to let other children experience the things that he went through. He wants them to be healthy and strong individuals that could also give back to the community. “Ayoko pong maranasan ng ibang bata ang mga bagay na naranasan ko. Iniisip ko po lagi kung paano ako makakatulong sa ibang tao,” he said. Because of this, he decided to join organizations or groups that could help other people.

Justin has been an active volunteer member of Save the Children, an international non-governmental organisation that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries since he was in Grade 3.  As a volunteer, he teaches other students about the importance of hand washing and eating healthy during Health and Nutrition Sessions. Justin also teaches other children to read every Saturday during the NGO’s Reading Camp Sessions.

Aside from his volunteer work in Save the Children, Justin is also a youth volunteer for Red Cross. He is knowledgeable in first-aid and providing basic emergency medical care thanks to the various trainings he completed. He has rendered duty hours in their local Health Center as a Red Cross volunteer. Because of this, his  family members fondly call him their “Little Doctor” who is capable of treating minor cuts and injuries. In October,  Justin became part of the night-monitoring team deployed due to the red alert status declared by MMDA in Metro Manila due the Bagyong Ompong.

Justin, a Boy Scout Patrol leader, instructs his school mates during an earthquake drill.

Justin is also a Tugatog youth volunteer, a member of the local church choir, and a  Boy Scout Patrol leader.

Justin’s hard work in the community and his excellent academic standing did not go unnoticed. On April 3, 2018,  he was awarded a leadership award  by the Office of the Vice Mayor of Malabon. He was also awarded during the State of the Children Address by the Local Government Unit of Malabon.

Passion Overcomes the Odds

Justin wants to continue helping people when he grows up, either as a policeman or a fireman. He became a  Felicance Fire and Rescue volunteer on September 2018 to be one step closer to this dream and to help more people in need. He has completed the basic orientation and training to become a fire volunteer and has experienced responding to several fire incidents.

When asked if he gets scared when he responds to disaster incidents or accidents, he said any fears he have are weaker than his desire to help others. “Tumutulong po ako dahil naiisip ko na kung ako o ang pamilya ko ang nangangailangan ay may mga maaasahan din po kami.”He believes that his volunteer work  is a way to encourage other members to give back to the community as well.

Despite his hectic schedule, Justin prioritizes his studies in order to maintain his grades. His family’s strong support of his studies and work in the community is also vital to Justin’s ability to balance his academic duties and his community work.   Ultimately, he believes that his education will be his doorway towards success. “Mahirap man po kami ay naniniwala akong madami pa akong magagawa. Kakayanin ko po ang lahat, kahit sabay-sabay.  Kung maayos po akong makakapagtapos, matutupad ko po hindi lang pangarap ko at ng aking pamilya na makaahon sa kahirapan at mas madami pa po akong matutulungan.” #










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DSWD NCR joins the celebration of 7th Juvenile Justice and Welfare Consciousness Week

This year marks the seventh observance of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Consciousness Week with the theme, “Lipunan, Bata at Magulang, Sabay – sabay para sa Kaunlaran”. The Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region in cooperation with the Regional Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council of NCR, aims to achieve the maximum involvement of the community, youth and their parents, on the continuous implementation of preventive programs and services for Children At-Risk and Children In Conflict with the Law.

On November 21st, the top three Most Proactive Local Government Units in the Implementation of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 were recognized and commended. The Las Piñas City was named as the Top 3, while Muntinlupa City was named as the 2nd. The City Government of Valenzuela was hailed as the Most Proactive LGU implementing the JJWA.

Ms. Michele Theresa Gumabao, Binibining Pilipinas-Globe 2018 while sharing her topic on Educating the Youth on Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle: A Strategy to Keep Young People Away from Illegal Drugs and Substance Abuse
One of the contestants of the On-The-Spot Poster Making Contest crafting his masterpiece

Activities in line with the event also include an orientation on the Salient Features of the JJWA of 2006. One of the highlights of the celebration is the sharing of Ms. Michele Theresa Gumabao, Binibining Pilipinas-Globe 2018, on Educating the Youth on Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle: A Strategy to Keep Young People Away from Illegal Drugs and Substance Abuse. Ms. Gumabao emphasized the importance of positivity in life, guidance of parents, will to succeed and most especially strong spirituality. Mr. Edward Mallari, a former beneficiary of ACAY Missions Philippines shared how his life changed, from being a Child In Conflict with the Law (CICL) to being a rehabilitated child looking forward for a better future.

The children actively participate during the celebration

As part of the celebration, a song writing competition focusing on change and hope among children and on-the-spot poster making contest were held. Winners of the Song Writing Competition were children from Taguig, Navotas and Pasig City bagging the 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place, respectively. While, Valenzuela, Pasay and Pasig City were awarded  with top 1 to 3 for the poster making contest.

“Let us all be champions and advocates in achieving our goal of ending all forms of Violence Against Children. Through positive discipline, we are enabling our children to learn, grow and succeed through nonviolent and solution-focused approach based on child development principles and respectful of our child as learner” – Council for the Welfare of Children.###

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From Farming to Giving

Pick-up and delivery of seedling with School Focal and Community Organizer

According to Albert Einstein, “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” This quote shows humanity’s capacity for generosity. Generosity, after all, is one of the fundamental traits that makes us human. It also helps us to become more understanding of the needs of those around us and become more self-aware of our actions.

This principle of generosity may be the foundation of the establishment of the school garden at Mt. Heights Tala. The school garden at Mt. Heights High School started through the initiatives of the City Link assigned at Barangay 183 North Caloocan of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and the school Principal Ms. Amelia Batalla. The school principal wanted to have partnership with the Pantawid Pamilya members because she knew that most of the members were mother. She thought that it will be effective and efficient if the efforts are coming from the members.

The objective of having a school garden was to help the Pantawid members with their food consumption and for the school feeding program. It started through a meeting with the people involved in the initiative like the Community Organizer, City Link, School Principal, and Pantawid Pamilya members.

On August 6, 2018 the school had a kickoff event for the establishment of the school garden. Pantawid Pamilya members, students, City Link, Child Welfare Assistant and Community Organizer which conducted a demonstration activity for the Pantawid Pamilya members on Urban Farming given by the City Agriculture Staff or Parks Administration of Caloocan were present during the event.

Through partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources National Capital Region, the school received 46 seedling trays or 4,600 seedlings to start the school garden. According to the Pantawid Pamilya members, the school garden helps them lessen their daily expenses because provides food for their families, at the same time they are happy because they can also help the school in providing the food for feeding program.

This December, when the Community Organizer visited the school garden the Principal proudly show their garden which was very fruitful and overflowing of vegetables. According to Ms. Batalla, the Pantawid Pamilya members were already harvesting the produce and also used the produce for the feeding program.

While having produce to harvest is a positive impact of the project, the unity and cooperation shown by each person involved is what truly makes the initiative remarkable. The Pantawid Pamilya members who work in the garden were very thankful because they were given a chance to be involved in Urban Gardening.

They also appreciated one of the main of the garden, which were to give and share the produce to the needy especially for those students who were attending the feeding program. They said this motivated them to work harder in the garden.

In three months since they established the school garden they have faced many challenges. Despite these obstacles, they were able to overcome it. Effort, time, commitment, care, and patience are the key ingredients to the success of their garden, according to the members.

Having concrete goals and objectives has helped the project become succesful.  The Gulayan sa Barangay project aims to help the Pantawid Pamilya members to be self-sufficient through gardening aside from food consumption they can also use it for marketing which they can sell the produce and be their additional income. Department of Social Welfare and Development is capacitating the members to be more proactive and knowledgeable in a way that they can stand on their own in pursuing their different dreams for their family.

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Shining Amidst Adversity

Maxine Makakua (rightmost), along with other regional winners of the Search for Pantawid Pamilya Exemplary Child 2018 during the conduct of Araw ng Kabataan

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste…”

These are not just the opening line of 1927 poem written by Max Ehrmann entitled “Desiderata”. For Maxine, the very words that continuously prompts our hero’s selfless acts of kindness towards other children.  It encourages her to academically perform and actively participate in different extracurricular activities. The phrase is her favorite from the poem that kindles our protagonist’s undying desire to give own family’s life a lot better. These qualities make our star one of the shiniest ones that ever radiated in the Pantawid Pamilya universe— one that tirelessly glitters and inspires other wanderers.

Being the second child in a family with three (3) children, Maxine, equally loves both her siblings and says that they make family struggles lighter. The eldest of them, Princess Macryl who is, like Maxine,is  from a Special Science Class at Araullo High School and  the youngest, Prince Marcky who excels and tops class shimmer in Makakua’s galaxy and together, the three (3) siblings make such perfect constellation that brightens the days of their parents despite poverty and hardship.

Maxine recalled how their life was changed by Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

Mahirap po talaga kasi po hindi naming alam kung saan manggagaling ang panggastos sa araw-araw naming pamumuhay at hirap pagkasyahin ang kaunti lang po na mayroon kami. Pero po nang dumating po ang Programa, malaki po ang pinagbago hindi lamang dahil sa nabawasan ang mga problema at nadagdagan ang mga pantustos sa gastusin sa eskuwela kundi dahil nakatulong ito upang ma-refer at magkaroon ng pormal na pagsasanay si papa sa TESDA bilang electrician kaya talagang nagamit niya ito dahil nagbukas po ito ng pintuan at oportunidad na makapagtrabaho sa ibang bansa,” she said. (It was difficult because we didn’t know where to get money to sustain our daily living and we also had hard time budgeting the small amount of money we had. But when the Program came, it has changed many things for it did not only lessen our problems and added budget for school expenses but also assisted my father to receive formal training as electrician at TESDA wherein the skills my father acquired were used which opened opportunity to work abroad.)

Our achiever, even during her elementary days at Apolinario Mabini Elementary School, had demonstrated her potential for greatness. Maxine bagged countless recognitions from storytelling, Balagtasan, Quiz Bee and Singing contests. Her winning streak was continued upon entering Junior High which brought more distinction from participating inDramatic Duologue Contest to Speech Choir Contest where the piece Desiderata really marked Maxine’s perspective in life.

Maxine’s parents limitlessly show support by being present in all the scholastic activities being participated by their child and by pushing Maxine to do desired things for, Merry Cel, Maxine’s mother, believes that nothing, not even poverty can stop Maxine max to reach dreams in life and that their social status can never hinder.

These are just only few things that made Maxine deserving for the title Pantawid Pamilya Exemplary Child 2018 1st Runner-up.

Now, our hero serves as a volunteer for Joy Kiddie Center, a children-focused non-government organization where Maxine tutors younger kids who enjoy listening to our champ’s applause-worthy playing of angklung, ukulele, chimes and other musical instruments. Maxine explained that service to youth, through blessing of strength and talent given by god, gives such fulfilment and happiness that no amount of money can pay. Maxine aspires to be a chef one for yet another selflessly innocent reason—to let others enjoy dishes Maxine prepared.

Truly one who sees a silver lining in every cloud not only is blessed but is also a blessing to others like Maxine, our star, who despite experiencing poverty, shines luminously with pride and selflessness.

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Malasakit na May Puso

Ang pagmamalasakit ay isang katangian na ipinakikita at ipinararamdam ng isang indibidwal sa kanyang ginagawa sa para sa pamilya, kapatid, kaibigan, kapitbahay, at sa kapwa. Ito ay ipinapamalas ni Gng. Asuncion Militante, na mas kilala sa tawag na Ate Son, Ate Sonia o Abu o kung ano pa man ang ating itawag sa kanya o ibansag.

Sa dami man ng tawag sa kanya ay hindi maikakailang siya ay kilala dahil sa kanyang kasipagan sa kanyang trabaho. Siya ay kusang tumutulong sa kanyang mga City Link pagdating sa mga gawain katulad ng pag-uupdate  sa mga benepisyaryo tungkol sa mga aktibidades ng programa.

Maliban sa pagiging isang mabuting empleyado, siya rin ay isang  mapagmahal na asawa at maarugang ina sa  tatlong mababait at guwapong anak. Siya ay maituturing na isang Wonder Woman dahil sa kanyang pagiging maasikaso at mapagmahal sa anak. Hindi maitatago sa taong ito ang kanyang kasipagan pagdating sa kanyang trabaho.

Handa lagi si Ate Sonia na magbigay ng tulong sa lahat ng nangangailangan; maging ka trabaho man, kasama sa City Hall, benepisyaryo ng programa, o kahit sino man. Hindi siya namimili ng tutulungan at lagi siyang handang maglingkod kung kinakailangan.

Siya ay hindi nagpapabaya sa kanyang mga tungkulin. Kanyang sinisigurado na maayos niyang naipapasa ang impormasyon sa mga benepisyaryo. Siya rin ay nagkukusa na ipaalam sa mga miyembro ng Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program ang impormasyon na kinakailangan nila upang mas mabilis nilang matanggap ang mga serbisyo mula sa Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Kanyang sinisigurado na totoo, sigurado, at kumpleto ang kanyang mga impormasyon ikinakalat upang hindi maabala ang mga miyembro. Nakikipag-ugnayan siya sa mga benepisyaryo upang maging mas madali silang makausap at mabigyan ng feedback. Naging malaking tulong ito sa mga City Link upang mas mapabilis ang pag resolba sa iba’t ibang kaso na nangangailangan ng tamang aksyon at rekomendasyon.

Sa simpleng gawain naipapamalas niya ang kanyang kasipagan sa mga gawain sa loob ng opisina.  Ang kanyang inisyatibo sa kanyang mga gawain ay nakakatulong sa kanyang mga kasamahang City Link. Ang kanyang paglilingkod ng kusa sa kanyang kapwa ay nagpapamalas ng kanyang pagmamalasakit sa serbisyo. Ito ang uri ng serbisyo na hindi humihingi ng kahit anumang kapalit ng lahat ng kanyang mga naitulong. Siya ay maituturing na isang huwarang empleyado dahil sa kanyang tapat at masigasig na panglilingkod sa bayan.

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Pagbabago Tungo sa Kaunlaran

Si Ma. Christina Dela Cruz ay isang dating miyembro at Parent Leader ng Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program mula sa lungsod ng North Caloocan. Siya ay apat napu’t apat na taong gulang, kasal sa kanyang butihing asawa na si Ronquillo na apat napu’t limang taong gulang. Sila ay mayroon ng tatlong anak: si Ronna Mae, dalawampung taong gulang, at kasalukuyang nag-aaral ng Accounting Technology, si Raiza Mae, labindalawang taong gulang at nasa ikaanim na baiting,  at ang bunso na si Rikka Mae, sampung taong gulang at nasa ikalimang baitang ng elementarya.

Si Christina ay isang mabuting maybahay sa kanyang asawa at ina sa kanyang mga anak. Ang kanyang asawa ay nagtatrabaho bilang tricycle driver at kumikita ng hindi bababa sa dalawang daan kada araw. Ito ay kanilang pinagkakasya sa araw-araw na pang gastos, kasama na ang kanilang kanilang pangkain sa buong maghapon. Nagkakaroon rin ng pagkakataon na sila ay nangungutang para may ipambayad sa kanilang ilaw at tubig. Sa araw-araw ay iyon ang takbo ng kanilang pamumuhay. Laking pasasalamat lamang nila ay wala silang binabayarang upa ng bahay kaya malaking kabawasan rin iyon sa gastusin.

Noong taong 2009, nagkaroon ng pagpapatawag sa kanilang munisipyo para sa pakikipanayam at kung sakaling nakapasa ay saka na magkakaroon ng pagbibisita sa mga bahay para sa balidasyon. Sa taong 2012, lumabas ang listahan ng mga pangalan na makakabilang sa programa at nakalagay na rin ang mga kakailanganin na isumite na dokumento. Nagkaroon ng pagpupulong sa Laloma Covered Court, Brgy. 178, North Caloocan. Dito na rin bumuo ng grupo at pinili siya ng nakararami na maging parent leader. Sa nasabing taon ay siyang naging opisyal na miyembro ng programa.

Sa kanyang pagsisilbi bilang Parent Leader, nakaramdam siya ng takot sa kadahilanang wala siyang karanasan kung paano pamunuan ang isang grupo. Habang tumatagal ay nagagampanan niya ng maayos ang kanyang tungkulin. Napili rin siya bilang pangkalahatang Parent Leader ng kanyang City Link. Dahil dito ay mas lubos na nakilala siya hindi lamang ng kaniyang mga kapitbahay kundi halos buong barangay ng 178. Naiimbitahan na rin siya sa ibang pagpupulong at mga okasyon. Malaki ang naging pagbabago sa kanyang sarili at dahil iyon sa tulong ng karanasan bilang isang lider.

Taong 2015 nang napagpasyahan niyang sumubok na mag-submit ng resume sa Kagawaran ng Kagalingan at Pagpapaunlad Panlipunan nang ito ay nangangailangan ng magiging empleyado bilang isang enumerator. Pagkatapos ng isang linggo ay nagkaroon ng magandang resulta ang kanyang pagpasa dahil sa iniskedyul siya para sa kanyang interview. Noong buwan ng Hunyo hanggang Agosto sa parehong taon  ay nagtatrabaho siya ayon sa nasabing posisyon ngunit hindi ito permanente (Job Order) at sa buwan ng Agosto ay natapos ang kanyang pagiging enumerator.

Sa buwan naman ng Setyembre hanggang Nobyembre ay natanggap naman siya bilang SWDI o empleyado na nakikipakikipag kamustahan sa mga miyembro na ng programa. Ang kanyang naging area ay sa District 5, Barangay Gulod, Quezon City. Kahit na umaabot lamang ng tatlong buwan ang kaniyang trabaho ay hindi pa rin siya tumitigil na maghanap pa ng bakanteng posisyon para makatulong sa gastusin sa bahay at pandagdag na panustos sa pag-aaral ng kaniyang mga anak.

Bago matapos ang buwan ng Nobyembre 2015 ay nag-apply siya para posisyon ng Social Welfare Assistant at sa buwan ng Pebrero sa taong 2016 ay inimbitahan siya para sa isang interview para sa nasabing posisyon. Sa buwan ng Hulyo ay nagkaroon ng magandang balita dahil sa nakatanggap siya ng mensahe na siyang sinasabi na tanggap na siya sa trabaho. Sa kanyang naging pakikipanayam ay ipinagbigay alam agad sa kanya na kung sakali mang matanggap siya sa trabaho ay kinakailangan niyang umalis sa program bilang benepisyaryo. Walang siyang naging agam-agam tungkol sa kanyang desisyon at noong buwan ng Setyembre ay nagpasa na siya ng pinirmahan na waive form at ibinigay na rin niya ang cash card sa kanyang City Link.

Sa kasalukuyan, siya ay nagtatrabaho bilang Social Welfare Assistant ng District 3, Quezon City. Hindi siya nahirapan na magtrabaho sa nasabing posisyon  dahil sa pagiging miyembro noon ay alam na niya halos ang mga dapat gawin. Naging pagsubok lamang talaga sa kanya ang paggamit ng computer sa tuwing gagawa ng mga reports. Mayroong mga tumulong sa kanya na kapwa niya empleyado na walang sawang nagbibigay ng oras para siya ay gabayan at turuan sa paggamit nito.

Malaki ang kanyang pasasalamat sa programa dahil sa nagkaroon ng malaking pagbabago ang kanilang buhay at pati na rin sa kanyang sarili. Sa tulong ng programa ay nagpatuloy sa pag-aaral ang kanyang mga anak at bilang isang ina ay laging hiling sa kanyang mga anak na makatapos ng pag-aaral dahil ito lamang ang yaman na maipapamana niya sa kanila.

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