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DSWD-NCR gathers stakeholders for Regional Convergence follow-up meeting

QUEZON CITY – Follow-up meeting on Regional Convergence for Frontline Programs and Services was conducted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR) on January 15, 2020 at Circulo Verde, Bagumbayan Quezon City.

Said activity aims to gather updates on the activities and efforts exerted by the Department’s stakeholders such as the legislators, National Government Agencies, Local Government Units, and Non-Government Organizations, as part of the commitment they expressed during the first Regional Convergence held on September 20, 2019 in Manila.

The meeting opens up opportunities for the stakeholders to address the issues that rises in their respectivie jurisdictions.  Ms. Ilene Lotino, Head of DSWD-NCR Special Projects Section, led the action planning to recommend solutions and fill the gaps in the implementation of the programs.

DSWD-NCR also commits to disseminate the gathered plans and recommendations to the appropriate implementing offices for the conduct of necessary actions.

Ms. Edna J. Sacedor,  DSWD-NCR OIC-ARDO

“Mapalad tayo dahil hindi tayo nasa kanilang sitwasyon. Tayo na nasa maayos na lagay ang dapat tumulong at mag-aruga samga kababayann ating nangangailangan,” expressed Ms. Edna J. Sacedor, Officer-in-Charge Assistant Regional Director for Operations of DSWD-NCR.

Promotion and protection of the vulnerable sector’s basic rights is one of the mandates of the Department. With this, the reintegration of street dwellers and other inconvenienced persons will be one of the top priorities of DSWD-NCR for the year 2020.

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INA Healing Center Team Building

A team is a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, a job or a project. A team is composed of members who are dependent on each other, working towards interchangeable achievements, and sharing common attainments. A team works as a whole together to achieve certain goals.

The INA Healing Center recognize the importance of establishing a corporate culture wherein people enjoy coming to work, constantly  collaborates and easily trusts each other. They conduct team building to improve productivity and motivation, help personal barriers, and eliminate distractions while having fun. It is always beneficial to every employee to retrieve and revive relationships and bonds formed in the past in order for them to regain trust, improve their way to blend talent, skills, and creativity, and to improve cooperation, as the collaboration is at its heart.

Ms. Myrna C. Comota, Social Welfare Officer III and Officer-In-Charge of the Center, emphasizes the need for the Team to be built and to be rebuilt.

“Kaya tayo andito ngayon ay para palaguin ang ating mga sarili at ang ating samahan. Saan man tayo magpunta, sa bahay, sa trabaho, o kahit sa ibang lugar o bagong opisina, tanging ang ating karanasan at mga natutunan ang ating babaunin. Ang pagpapalago ng ating sarili ay isang hamon sa bawat isa. Sabay-sabay nating harapin at pagtulungan na punan at palakasin ang mga pagkukulang at kahinaan ng bawat isa sa atin, para sa patuloy nating pagbibigay ng maagap at mapagkalingang serbisyo para sa ating mga pinaglilingkuran.”  Ms. Myrna cited during her opening remarks.

Mr. Sherwin Salunga, together with Mr. Romeo Castro Jr., imparted knowledge regarding the three (3) Foundations of a team; which is trust, communication, and cooperation.

“No team is perfect. But every team can improve. Learn from mistakes, but do not dwell in it. Receive feedbacks to grow as individuals, because only by feedbacks that we learn. At the end of the day it is always evaluating and assessing ourselves.” Mr. Salunga shared.

INA Healing Center is a non-residential facility where grieving mothers who lost a child or/and loved one are given psychological support to help others who are in a similar situation. The center is located at the DSWD-Central Office, Batasan Pambansa Complex, Constitution Hills, Quezon City.

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“From Rudeness to Kindness” Success Story of Haven for Women

Lj was a typical bubbly girl who loved to mingle with different people. One day, she met a guy and he became her boyfriend. In an instant, without her even realizing it, her boyfriend’s influence on her got her drowning with vices such as smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

On August 10, 2015 at Alysa Resort, Lj was rescued by the NBI through an entrapment operation after she was sold as a pimp by her own boyfriend.

Haven for Women welcomed Lj with warmth and comfort. However, it was not easy for Lj to adjust in the new environment. Out of trauma, Lj used to express her discomfort through disrespecting the social workers and co-residents.

Despite the negative attitude that Lj showed, Haven for Women’s social worker never got tired of understanding her. They taught her how to be grateful for all the blessings she receives, including that of being sheltered by Haven for Women.

Eventually, Lj, adapted a kind personality that changed how she treats people. She started trusting Haven for Women, most especially her co-residents, and realized how everyone around her helped her recover from her trauma and be a better person.

To show her gratitude, she wrote a poem about her experiences inside the institution:

“Noong una, halos hindi ako makapaniwala,

Hindi ako makapaniwala kasi ayokong maniwala.

Ayokong maniwala kasi wala talaga akong tiwala.

Wala na akong tiwala sa mga sinasabi at paliwanag nila.

Sino ba naman kasi ang magtitiwala

kung nung umpisa palang sinira na ang tiwala?

Kesyo ganito, kesyo ganyan?

Mga linyahan ng mga NBI na yan.

Nung umpisa sobrang hirap

Sobrang hirap mag-adjust

Ang hirap mag adjust kasi hindi tayo sanay

Hindi tayo sanay sa mga gawaing bahay

Kasi hindi tayo sinanay

Puro na lang kasi si nanay

Si nanay sa linis, sa inis, sa walis.

Sa lahat pati na rin sa pagtitiis

Pagtitiis sa lahat ng kalokohan, kagaguhan at kawalang hiyaan

Marahil ilan lang yan sa mga dahilan,

kung bakit kailangan nating matauhan

Matauhan sa lugar kung saan tayo’y may matutunan

Sabi nga sa halos lahat ng Bible study na aking nadadaluhan,

GOD HAS A PURPOSE at iyan ang aking pinanghahawakan.

Kaya habang tumatagal, ako ay napapamahal

Napamahal ako sa lugar

Kung saan nawala ang aking pagiging hangal.

Oo. Hindi tayo pare-parehas  ng pinagdaanan sa buhay

Pero isa lang ang alam kong tunay

At yun ay ang Poon nating mahal

Na siyang nagbibigay sa’ tin ng gabay

Gabay tungo sa buhay na walang hanggan

Kung saan magkakaroon  tayo ng kaligayahang walang humpay

Isa lamang ito sa mga patunay na ako ay may natutunan .

HFW! Kayo ay mga tunay na gabay

patungo sa buhay na matiwasay

Naway’y patuloy kayong gabayan ng Poon nating mahal

Nang sa ganon ay mas marami pa kayong maiayos na buhay.

Mula sa kawalang hiyaan ay hinahatid ninyo sa karangyaan. “

Lj recently passed the Alternative Learning System (ALS) examination and plans to continue her tertiary education to become a Veterinarian.

Haven for Women is a temporary shelter and protective custody to women ages 18- 59 years old who are victims of abuse and trafficking. It is located at Alabang Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, with telephone number 889-1412. ###

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KM Communication Planning Workshop 2019

A Communication Plan is a tool that is being used by the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region (DSWD-NCR) to help increase the chances of success in any program, policy, or public service through moving beyond reactive communications and strategic approach by combining information and dialogues to achieve specific results that help raise awareness on DSWD programs and services.

DSWD-NCR underwent a Communication Planning Workshop on Knowledge Management led by DSWD Central Office through Social Welfare Institutional Development Bureau (SWIDB) on November 25-28, 2019 at Sequoia Hotel, Diliman, Quezon City.

Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of creating an environment in which people’s experience and wisdom on Social Protection programs are valued; and where internal processes are structured to support policy makers and service providers in creating, sharing and using knowledge.

Mr. Noel M. Macalalad, Assistant Secretary for Standards and Capacity Building and Concurrent Head of SWIDB

Assistant Secretary for Policy and Programs Noel M. Macalalad encouraged the participants of the workshop to form a KM Product that will stand as their masterpiece and will be appreciated by the masses.

The participants made a communication plan that aims to promote KM to the staff and employees of the Department to garner DSWD’s internal public’s support. The participants chose the Management Committee as their primary target audience as they are the ones who can  lead the implementation of KM and ensure that their respective office’s commitment in particular to KM are cascaded to each of their staff. ###  

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Around the busy streets of Metro Manila, beggars and scavengers are scattered around using toxic substances out of curiosity. Those were the things that Undel used to do before he entered the DSWD Haven for Children (HFC) 6 years ago. He grew in a chaotic environment where quarrels and riots are just normal. Undel witnessed a group of children murdering a child, being sacked, and thrown in the river. It was a very traumatic experience for him.

Undel was admitted to the Center for begging and scavenging. Although he was being taken good care of in the Center, Undel unwillingly brought his trauma with him. To get him through the hardships he experienced, the Social Workers and other HFC staff helped and guided him through his rehabilitation and trauma.

Improvements were seen on him. Undel is now one of HFC’s trusted residents and he never attempted to leave the Center. Undel never wanted to leave the Center for he values the trust, love, and care that HFC gives him, who he treats as family.

Undel entered Jose Fabella Memorial School—Haven for Children in Grade 1.  From being a reserved boy, he turned into one of the idolized resident in the center. Undel was elected as a Coordinator and President under the Therapeutic Community Program, because of his confidence and good leadership. He was also assigned to regulate and maintain peace among his co-residents. Undel discovered so many things he thought he could not do, such as basketball, volleyball, and touch rugby, among others. He is very determined and committed that made him the captain of touch rugby to compete outside the Center. He was also awarded as the Most Valuable Player in playing Volleyball during the HFC Sportsfest 2018.

Slowly but surely, Undel is finally reaching his dreams. He officially graduated from Elementary (Grade 1 – Grade 6) last March 2019. When asked about his secret, he said “Perseverance and working hard” are the keys he used to succeed in his studies. He refused to take the Alternative Learning System (ALS) because for him, he wanted to experience each level through his hard work.

Undel’s ultimate goal is to finish gain a college degree because he wanted to secure his future. In his message to the other residents, he said, “You need to persevere in order to achieve your dreams. I know it is hard to stay in the center because we miss our parents and siblings, but we need to endure it for our future. Aside from that, we need to listen to our guardians (HFC staff) so that we can become the better people we thought we could never be.” Undel stated.

Haven for Children is a residential care facility that caters to street children ages 7 to 13 years old who are recovering from substance abuse. It aims to provide therapeutic and rehabilitative services to boys, gearing them towards their holistic recovery and development through the multi-disciplinary approach, commitment and teamwork of different professionals. To know more about Haven for Children, you may call at 807-1591 or you can send a letter at ###

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DSWD-NCR assess communication efforts, conducts KAP Study 2019

MUNTINLUPA CITY – Residents of Barangay Poblacion, Muntinlupa City participated in the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region’s (DSWD-NCR) Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) Study on November 18 to 19, 2019.

DSWD-NCR, through the Social Marketing Office, studied a total of ninety (90) respondents, divided equally into program fourty-five (45) beneficiaries and fourty-five (45) non-beneficiaries.

Seventy (70) respondents were surveyed to answer questionnaires that focus on assessing the awareness of the public on DSWD-NCR’s programs such as the Sustainable Livelihood Program, Social Pension Program, Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations, Unconditional Cash Transfer, and Disaster Response among others.

Surveys and focus group discussions were conducted to assess the basic sectors’ awareness, knowledge, attitude, and communication practices on DSWD’s programs and services.

All field offices of DSWD will conduct KAP Study in their respective regions and the Social Marketing Service of DSWD Central Office will analyze the data gathered to look for ways to improve and enhance the Department’s communication strategies.

KAP Study is being conducted yearly by the Social Marketing Service of DSWD who are responsible for undertaking social marketing, networking, and advocacy activities of the Department. ###

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DSWD-NCR praises outstanding employees, partners on 41st Founding Anniversary

DSWD-NCR officials and employees brought their A-game as they paraded their glamorous selves along with the black-and-white motif of the Department’s 41st Founding Anniversary on November 15, 2019 at Swiss-Belthotel Blulane, Manila.

Honorable Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, Undersecretary Danilo G. Pamona, and Regional Director Vicente Gregorio B. Tomas graced the event.

Director Tomas in his welcome remarks shared his gratitude to Field Office (FO) NCR family who helped him serve the public after his retirement in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“I just would like to welcome everybody who are part of this very notable event –the men and women of Field Office NCR,” Mr. Tomas said. He also included his sincerest appreciation to the National Government Agencies, Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations, Social Welfare and Development Agencies, and other partners, stakeholders, and friends of the Department who are “those with the heart to help the Filipinos who are in need,” as described by Director Tomas. Notable stakeholders were hailed in the anniversary for their continuous and untiring support to the programs and services of the Department.

With the theme, “Ika-41 Taon ng Pinatatag, Pinalawak, at Pinasayang Ahensya na patuloy na Maglilingkod sa Kapwa at sa Bayan”, the FO NCR family recognized its outstanding employees through the 2019 DSWD-NCR Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Awards.

Ni minsan po hindi nasagi sa isip ko na makatanggap ng ganitong karangalan, pero ito’y isang pagpapala na ipinagkaloob sa akin ng Maykapal. Ang propesyon pong ito ay hindi ko pinangarap ngunit naniniwala po ako na dinala ako sa gawaing ito na may dahilan. Patuloy po tayong mangangarap para sa ating mga kliyente na may kasamang dasal upang tayo ay magabayan sa paghahatid ng pagpapala sa mga taong ating tinutulungan.” Said Ms. Manilyn Gamboa, Social Worker of the Year awardee, in her heartwarming testimony as she received her recognition.

Another highlight of the event was the film-showing for the DSWD-NCR History video-making competition, wherein Secretary Bautista, Undersecretary Pamonag, and Director Tomas judged and awarded the entries of several offices of FO NCR. With the final score of 90%, Sustainable Livelihood Program Management Office won, followed by the Finance Management Unit with 89%, then the Policy and Plans Division with 83%.

Following the awarding, an intermission number by the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center Chorale awed the audiences with their medley of old hits. Adding to the performers was Mr. Efren C. Gonzales, Sr of NVRC who gave his heartfelt rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Young at Heart’.

Also entertained the guests were Mr. Christian Mercado, Admin Aide IV of the Finance Management Division who performed his rendition of Ikaw Lamang and The Prayer, followed by the medley of Nayon ng Kabataan’s Rondalla Members.

In his keynote address, Secretary Bautista congratulated the FO NCR’s employees for the success of the event. “Kanina pagpasok ko dito, sabi ko mali ‘ata ‘yong pinasukan ko, parang napasukan ko yung ABS-CBN Star Magic Ball.” he jests as he thanked the Field Office for inviting him in the prestigious event.

“Let us continue to improve the services and find innovative ways to provide solutions in improving the well-being of our fellow Filipinos; to reduce and release them from vulnerability. Through continued support, our Programs and Services will be providing more effective ways to the deliver services to the public.” said Secretary Bautista as he emphasized the most important ingredient of any organization: teamwork.

Officially concluded the program was Ms. Glenda M. Derla, Division Chief of Protective Services Division and chairperson of the 41st Anniversary Committee, as she gave her warmest closing remarks and greeted the department a gleeful anniversary celebration and thanked everyone who attended. ###

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“The Fast Lane: A Story of Baby Girl Cherry” Inspired by the story of Mr. Alfredo Sarte

On April 16, 2019, a mother gave birth to a baby girl while aboard a CHER Transport Bus. The child was then named Baby Girl Cherry.

The almost impossible delivery became successful because of the help of a good samaritan in a form of a Professional Nurse, and this is his story…

At around 5:00 AM on a Holy Tuesday, a man rode a bus from Cubao, Quezon City to his work in Alabang, Muntinliupa City. In the middle of transit, the passengers started screaming and shouted in chorus in attempt to seek assistance for a lady who is about to give birth.

The man, who was then trying to catch a few minutes of sleep, immediately got up from a quick nap and calmly approached the laboring mother. They were in the middle of an expressway with no hospitals nearby, thus, he did what was necessary for the safety of both the mother and the newborn.

Although seemingly impossible given the lack of medical equipment nor facility inside the bus, the man managed to safely pull out the child from the mother’s womb. He then asked for clean clothes and towels for the newborn from the other passengers who cooperatively obliged.

Since the umbilical cord is still connected to the mother, the man then instructed the bus driver to drive to the nearest hospital while the other passengers helped in clearing the traffic to get to the destination. They arrived at the Emergency Room of Ospital ng Muntinlupa.

This humble Samaritan is no other than Mr. Alfredo “Al” Sarte, a Nurse – I at the Elsie Gaches Village under the Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region. He hailed at the province of Bicol and received a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2008 at the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi and passed the Nursing Licensure Examination on the same year.

His professional career started by volunteering at Hospicio De San Jose, Manila. A year after that, he decided to start his career with DSWD in 2009 as a Nurse under contract of service at the Jose Fabella Center, then transferred in 2012 at Elsie Gaches Village, under a permanent position. All these were attributed to his outstanding job performances partnered with his utmost dedication to his job, unconditional love for the clients, and loyalty to the department.

As time goes by, he continues to develop professionally through the various capacity building opportunities provided by the DSWD. He is also constantly improving himself through other means, such as exploring and enhancing new skillsets. He is also working as a Property Consultant during his free time.

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