Center-based Services
Services rendered in facilities referred to as “centers” on a daily basis or during part of the day. Clients of these facilities have families to return to after treatment or after undergoing developmental activities. These facilities may also accommodate clients who need to undergo thorough assessment and diagnosis for a maximum of three weeks.

Community-based Services
Preventive, rehabilitative and developmental programs and initiatives that mobilize/utilize the family and community to respond to a problem, need, issue or concern of children, youth, women, person with disabilities, older persons and families who are in need and at-risk.

Residential Care Services
Centers and facilities that provide 24-hour alternative family care to poor vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families in crisis whose need cannot be met by their families and relatives or by any other form of alternative family care for a period of time.

Social Welfare and Development Technologies
The DSWD continues to implement pilot projects which will be marketed to local government units that need the projects.

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