Other than hard work, eagerness to learn is key to reaching success. It may sound so easy but without discipline, it would be just another meaningful aphorism trying to fuel somebody’s guts. But Narcisa C. De Guia is not one of those whose dreams remain a dream. She is an epitome of a good learner who applies everything she learns. It has been challenging for Narcisa, a good homemaker to survive the challenges of everyday life. With her husband’s income as a jeepney driver amounting to Php 350.00 a day or more, surviving their day-to-day expenses is tough. This situation pushed her to think of how she could help her husband provide for their family.


It was ten years ago when she pushed herself to learn sewing. Back then, tailoring/sewing was one of the most in-demand services in their community, like repairing clothes and making rugs, also known as “basahan na bilog” out of dumped clothes. Since her husband’s income was not enough for their daily expenses, she decided to try sewing out of her eagerness to make extra income and help her husband provide for their family’s necessities.


Though it was hard at first because she could not afford to take classes to learn this skill rather, she just asked and observed her friends whenever they sewed and tried to learn everything from scratch. She also does not have her sewing machine. The only time she could practice was when her neighbor’s sewing machine was available for her to borrow. Despite all these hindrances, she still managed to learn sewing. Then afterward, she decided to borrow some money to avail a secondhand sewing machine and start making rugs as a business.


Slowly, she was able to earn. However, she could not make more income due to her small business capital. So, she borrowed money from her family member to increase the capital of her business and make more rugs. Since then, it has become her means of living. It helped lessen her husband’s responsibility of providing for their finances and was even able to pay their debts. She could make 100 pcs. rugs a day and sell them for Php 5.00 per 3 pcs. Yet, she needs to borrow money sometimes just to run her business continuously. “Mahirap umutang ng umutang para lang makapag-hanapbuhay,” (It is hard to borrow money just to make a living,”) she stated.


Despite this problem, she did not give up because she strongly believed that someday, all her efforts would be paid off. So, when the opportunity knocked, she openly welcomed it without hesitations. Through the livelihood assistance and series of orientations that the Sustainable Livelihood Program provided, Narcisa became one of the members of Brgy. Bayan-Bayanan Anak ng Celia II na Matiyaga SLP Association and was able to receive a Seed Capital Fund amounting to Php 15,000.00 on May 8, 2019.


“Noong nakatanggap ako ng livelihood assistance galing sa DWSD, agad ko itong ipinuhunan sa negosyo ko. Masaya ako na hindi na inuutang ang kapital ko sa pananahi,” (“When I received the livelihood assistance from DSWD, I instantly use it as my business’ capital. I am glad that I do not have to borrow money for my sewing business,”) said Narcisa during the interview.


She is very much thankful that through the Livelihood Program of DSWD, she was able to produce as many as 1,500 to 2,500 pieces of rugs every week, enough to supply the demands of her customer. Her rug business also became their primary source of income when the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was implemented. “Ang paggawa ko ng bilog na basahan ang nagtawid sa amin sa pandemyang ito,” (“It is my rug business that helped us survive this pandemic,”) she said.


Out from her rug-making profit, she ventured into the frozen food vending business. She was able to purchase a washing machine, a comfortable bed for their family, and even save at least Php 500.00 daily. And this helped her become debt-free.

“Kapag may business, may income!” – Narcisa C. De Guia


All of us want to be successful one day, but just wanting to become one will never be enough. Instead, just like Narcisa, we should be eager to learn to turn our dreams into reality.

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