EGV Joins in 19th WAPR Annual Mini-Olympics 2018

Actual photo of the Annual World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation at Elsie Gaches Village Alabang Zapote Rd. Alabang Muntinlupa City.


The Elsie Gaches Village (EGV) together with other allied professions supported the Annual Mini-Olympics 2018 of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR), the activity was held last November 29, 2018 at EGV.


This one day activity was led by the Algon Foundation together with UP-PGH, Cavite Mental Health, Veterans Hospital, and National Center for Mental Health and participants from Sanctuary Center. The activity started with the opening amenities, acknowledgement of participants from different agencies and homecare centers, Parade of participants, Cheering presentation.  Twenty six (26) residents from EGV were selected to participate on the different activities the activity. The activity gave the residents/ clients the opportunity to socialize with different people from different institution and increase their social participation skills thru sports.


At the end of the activity, the residents of EGV won one (1) Silver and one (1) Bronze medal in badminton and basketball category.


The activity aims to raise awareness on Mental Health, promote the rights of person with psychosocial needs, strengthen the relationship and promote sportsmanship and values formation.


Elsie Gaches Village will be hosting the 2019 World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation.



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Sibol Negosyo: Manggapis Water Station and Sari-sari Store

Ms. Jocelyn Manggapis of Barangay Western Bicutan, Taguig City used to solely rely on her husband’s salary to provide for their family’s needs. However, through her participation in the Sustainable Livelihood Program’s Micro-enterprise Development track, she was able to establish a water refilling and sari-sari store business.

#SLPSibol #SibolNegosyo

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Finding the Superhero Within

Oftentimes, we underestimate how one act of courage or kindness towards other people can change the world. We think that for us to have a significant impact, we need to be superheroes with superhuman qualities to save humanity or to improve our daily lives.

But for Justin Dale Dela Cruz, small acts can have a big effect. He believes that for bigger change to happen, it must begin in him. He believes that the adversities in his life will not be a hindrance to his dream of becoming a superhero. Instead,  He views each challenge as a  motivation to strive harder to  reach his dreams.

Childhood Memories

Sino po ang kasama ni Mary Jane Dela Cruz?”

Justin’s earliest memories of his mother are their trips to the hospital and him raising his little hand whenever the doctor asked this question. When he was grade one, he remembers carrying their bags down the halls of Philippine Heart Center while his mother tries to catch her breath.

He remembers holding his mother’s hand through every ultrasound and every check-up as she battled against rheumatic heart disease. Meanwhile, his father worked hard as a metal crafter to earn money for their family and his mother’s hospital expenses.

A young Justin with his mother, Jane, who passed away due to rheumatic heart disease in 2014

According to his Lola, the little boy’s mature demeanor for his age has made Jane confident in Justin’s capabilities.

Unfortunately, his mother’s heart became too weak and she succumbed to the disease in 2014.  While he remembers the gloomy hospital trips, his fondest memories of his mother are of her positivity and strength.

“Palagi po siya nakangiti, kahit nahihirapan siya. At ang huling bilin niya po sa akin ay mag-aral akong mabuti at bantayan ko po lagi ang kapatid ko,” Justin said, with tears welling in his eyes.

Life after His Mother

After his mother died, Justin’s father, Joel Dela Cruz, had to juggle different jobs in order to sustain the need of his two sons and to also repay some of the debt the family has due to his mother’s hospital expenses. Their home was also destroyed and was only rebuilt with the help of his father’s family.

In order to have a steady income to provide for his children, his father decided to work in Cavite as a service crew for a restaurant grill. Without a mother and father to look after them, Justin and his brother were entrusted to their grandmother, Ana Dela Cruz, who also lived in Malabon.

Living without his parents by his side has not been easy for Justin. Due to his family’s circumstances, Justin became responsible for his older brother, John Tyron. Though older by several years, his brother had a weak body and was often bullied by his classmates. Justin always came through for his brother and often fended off anyone that would pick on him.

He was determined to fulfil his mother’s wishes despite growing up facing varying difficulties in life. He is a consistent honour student that excells in various subjects. He  actively participates in extra-curricular activities, never letting his challenging circumstances affect his studies, such lack of resources. Like his mother, Justin’s disposition always remains positive; he is even deemed as the joker of their class.

Justin is also Lola Ana’s little helper. His Lola describes him as an industrious and resilient boy. After school activities, he helps in delivering the different goods that their family sell. These include homemade detergents, Boardwalk and Avon products, and meat products such as longganisa. Despite his busy schedule due to his school and his engagement in the community, he makes time to help with the chores around the house.

Justin also immersed himself in the art of Balagtasan. He believes that poetry is a powerful way for him to convey his feelings and his beliefs.  His passion began when he joined a sabayang bigkasan competition when he was in Grade 5.

He said his favourite piece is Jose Rizal’s Sa Kabataang Pilipino, which greatly inspires him to become an open-minded youth that can have a strong impact to the society.

Justin performs his favorite poem, “Sa Kabataang Pilipino” by Jose Rizal.

Committment to Helping Others

Justin’s admiration of Jose Rizal’s works and teachings has awakened his strong sense of altrauism and desire to help the community.  Justin was also determined not to let other children experience the things that he went through. He wants them to be healthy and strong individuals that could also give back to the community. “Ayoko pong maranasan ng ibang bata ang mga bagay na naranasan ko. Iniisip ko po lagi kung paano ako makakatulong sa ibang tao,” he said. Because of this, he decided to join organizations or groups that could help other people.

Justin has been an active volunteer member of Save the Children, an international non-governmental organisation that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries since he was in Grade 3.  As a volunteer, he teaches other students about the importance of hand washing and eating healthy during Health and Nutrition Sessions. Justin also teaches other children to read every Saturday during the NGO’s Reading Camp Sessions.

Aside from his volunteer work in Save the Children, Justin is also a youth volunteer for Red Cross. He is knowledgeable in first-aid and providing basic emergency medical care thanks to the various trainings he completed. He has rendered duty hours in their local Health Center as a Red Cross volunteer. Because of this, his  family members fondly call him their “Little Doctor” who is capable of treating minor cuts and injuries. In October,  Justin became part of the night-monitoring team deployed due to the red alert status declared by MMDA in Metro Manila due the Bagyong Ompong.

Justin, a Boy Scout Patrol leader, instructs his school mates during an earthquake drill.

Justin is also a Tugatog youth volunteer, a member of the local church choir, and a  Boy Scout Patrol leader.

Justin’s hard work in the community and his excellent academic standing did not go unnoticed. On April 3, 2018,  he was awarded a leadership award  by the Office of the Vice Mayor of Malabon. He was also awarded during the State of the Children Address by the Local Government Unit of Malabon.

Passion Overcomes the Odds

Justin wants to continue helping people when he grows up, either as a policeman or a fireman. He became a  Felicance Fire and Rescue volunteer on September 2018 to be one step closer to this dream and to help more people in need. He has completed the basic orientation and training to become a fire volunteer and has experienced responding to several fire incidents.

When asked if he gets scared when he responds to disaster incidents or accidents, he said any fears he have are weaker than his desire to help others. “Tumutulong po ako dahil naiisip ko na kung ako o ang pamilya ko ang nangangailangan ay may mga maaasahan din po kami.”He believes that his volunteer work  is a way to encourage other members to give back to the community as well.

Despite his hectic schedule, Justin prioritizes his studies in order to maintain his grades. His family’s strong support of his studies and work in the community is also vital to Justin’s ability to balance his academic duties and his community work.   Ultimately, he believes that his education will be his doorway towards success. “Mahirap man po kami ay naniniwala akong madami pa akong magagawa. Kakayanin ko po ang lahat, kahit sabay-sabay.  Kung maayos po akong makakapagtapos, matutupad ko po hindi lang pangarap ko at ng aking pamilya na makaahon sa kahirapan at mas madami pa po akong matutulungan.” #










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SLP Participants attend Seminar on Business Opportunities

The SLP participants proudly hold up their certificate while taking a photo with the representatives from the DTI-NCRO, the Negosyo Center and the Local Government of Mandaluyong City.

Participants from the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) attended a seminar on Business Opportunities on November 7, 2018 at the Negosyo Center, Mandaluyong City.

The seminar consisted of a series of talks on various topics related to starting and managing micro-enterprises such as recoggnizing opportunities for businesses, financial wellness and retail selling. The talks were given by invited resource speakers from the Department of Trade and Industry – National Capital Regional Office, the Bank of Makati and Mhyles Corporation.

The seminar served as a venue for participants to gain new insights and knowledge on starting and managing business from industry professionals as they await the awarding of their seed capital funds from the Micro-enterprise Development track of SLP. The seminar was conducted through the coordination of the Local Government of Mandaluyong City and the Sustainable Livelihood Program.

The Sustainable Livelihood Program is a capability-building program that provides access to opportunities that increase the productivity of the livelihood assets of poor, vulnerable, and marginalized communities, in order to improve their socio-economic well-being. ###

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Sibol Negosyo: Rabino Shoe-making Enterprise

Ms. Adelaida Rabino of Barangay Tañong, Marikina City was able to reestablish her shoe-making business through the Sustainable Livelihood Program’s Seed Capital Fund (SCF) modality.

#SLPSibol #SibolNegosyo

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DSWD NCR continues efforts for COS staff of PSP, CIU and Lingap

The 2018 GAA provisions for the administrative cost of PSP for 2018 were set at 5% contrary to the customary GAA provision of 12%. This change in the GAA provision affected the salaries of the workers which is commensurate to an amount which is equal to the salaries of 836 PSP workers from January to June 2018.

This problem was anticipated by the Department as early as April 2018, an alternative option of request for fund augmentation was explored by the Department. The Department also decided to cut on some activities to augment the salaries of employees but this initiative took care of the salaries of employees from July to September of 2018.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development – National Capital Region (DSWD NCR) clarified that the temporary suspension of services of 177 Cost of Service staff under the Protective Service Program, Crisis Intervention Unit and Lingap Sa Masa whose funds are chargeable against the PSP funds is an unfortunate circumstance not only in the Field Office but across all Field Offices of DSWD.

The lack of funds for the period of October 16 to December 31, 2018 hindered the continuous service of said number of staff which has a huge impact on the operationalization of the programs. As early as August 2018, the staff were informed regarding the nationwide funding dilemma. Nonetheless, the FO NCR management continuously followed up to the Central Office through series of memoranda while Central Office worked hard to lobby to the Department of Budget and Management the additional funding to pay for the services of the COS staff.

“It is but fair for the 177 COS staff to know the real situation which is why after the issuance of the memorandum of temporary suspension of their services on October 18, 2018, the concerned staff were convened and explained to them that while awaiting funding to be downloaded, the services will be temporarily suspended,” Assistant Secretary of the Office of Secretary Group and Concurrent OIC – Regional Director Glenda D. Relova said.

Relova even made representations before the DBM in order to put a stop on the domino effect of the temporary suspension on the program implementation and further, to those who are beneficiaries of the affected programs.

While exhausting all possible means, Relova instructed to prioritize the laid off staff to the available vacant positions in the Field Office.

“Despite of this challenge, DSWD NCR will not stop catering to the clients and individuals in crises situation,” Relova emphasized. Staff augmentation was requested from different Divisions, Units, Sections and Programs in the Field Office to ensure the continuity of the implementation of the programs.

In pursuing the options that the Department needs to take, and in order for all parties involve to have a “win-win” situation, the DSWD management is taking into considerations two sides which is to ensure the continuous delivery of frontline services together with the assurance that the needed number of workers are maintained and will not be displaced.

Relova appealed to the concerned staff to extend their patience and understanding that the top management is doing its best in taking immediate action on this pressing concern. She also solicited the support of the Social Welfare Employees Association of the Philippines (SWEAP) in disseminating the correct information. She ensured that the Union will be provided with updates on the results of the actions that are being undertaken by the management.

“The DSWD is the agency mandated to protect the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized the same way that we would like to protect the welfare of our staff. It is with heavy heart that the work for the 177 staff of the Field Office were suspended.” Relova said. ###

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DSWD NCR awards Pantawid Pamilya Exemplary Children and Ginoo at Binibining Pantawid Pamilya 2018

Winners of the Regional Search for Pantawid Pamilya Exemplary Children 2018 as well as Ginoo at Binibining Pantawid Pamilya 2018 in the National Capital Region were recognized during the celebration of Department of Social Welfare and Development-National Capital Region’s (DSWD-NCR) 40th founding anniversary held at Lakeshore Tent, Taguig City.

Out of the 17 nominees from all the Local Government Units (LGUs) in the region, Justin Dale O. Dela Cruz from Malabon City was awarded as the Pantawid Pamilya Exemplary Child 2018 during the awarding ceremony. He received cash prize and a plaque.

The competition aims to recognize exemplary Pantawid children who serve as excellent examples in their households, schools, and communities. It also aims to encourage children to be active citizens by complying with the conditions of the program.

Candidates of the regional search must be part of a family-beneficiary of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program aged 10 to 14 in order to qualify. The nominee must be enrolled, compliant with the school attendance requirement of the program and has 90 percent school attendance with good scholastic standing and no grades below the passing mark, fully-immunized and dewormed twice for 6 to 14 years old.

Nominees were judged based on their behaviour and practice, talent, intelligence and wit, community and school participation, presence and appearance during a two-day screening and evaluation conducted by a panel of judges composed of representatives from the Regional Council for the Welfare of Children-NCR (RCWC-NCR).

Patrick Jhastine T. Abe of Mandaluyong City, Mayline Anne S. Legaspi of Valenzuela, and Maxine Makakua of Manila were awarded 3rd runner-up, 2nd runner-up, and 1st runner-up respectively. The regional winner, along with the other three winners, will represent NCR during the National Children’s Congress that will be held in November during the celebration of Children’s Month.

Meanwhile, Luisito Ponciano of Valenzuela City and Veronica Saludar from Las Piñas City were hailed as the Ginoo at Bb. Pantawid Pamilya NCR 2018, respectively. The winners of the competition each received cash prize and a plaque.

They were selected because they were recognized as Gender and Development (GAD) champions within their respective communities.

The event did not only highlight women’s vital role in the process of development but also emphasized that women and men are equally given the chance to exhibit empowerment through participation to different activities, be it community-based, productive or reproductive; paid or unpaid.

Representatives from the NCR Pantawid Regional Project Management Office and officials from Men Oppose Violence Everywhere (MOVE) selected the top 5 Ginoos and Binibinis who were awarded during the program.

The winners will be advocates of women empowerment and gender equality within their respective communities and will also be representatives to local activities. ######


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DSWD NCR celebrates the success of Pantawid Pamilya


DSWD-NCR Assistant Regional Director for Operations Edna J. Sacedor raises a toast for the exited Pantawid Pamilya family-beneficaries.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development-National Capital Region (DSWD NCR) commemorated the 10th year of implementation of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in the region with an event that showcased the stories of beneficiaries who exited or waived from the program.

The activity entitled “Toast for Success” aimed to highlight the stories of Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries who have waived or exited from the program after determining that they have reached self-sufficient level of well-being.

“Lubos ang kagalakan ng ahensya sapagkat makikita ang positibong resulta ng programa sa pamamagitan ng mga benepisyaryong nakatatawid sa kahirapan at napauunlad ang pamumuhay ng kanilang pamilya,” DSWD NCR Assistant Regional Director Edna J. Sacedor said.

Social Welfare and Development Indicators, a yearly monitoring of Pantawid Pamilya grantees by DSWD, assess the level of well-being of family beneficiaries-from survival, subsistence, and self-sufficiency.

According to SWDI, family beneficiaries who have attained economic sufficiency and social adequacy are considered to have reached a self-sufficient level of well-being. Economic sufficiency refers to the employable skills of members, employment and salary, source of income, membership to social security and access to financial institutions. Meanwhile, social adequacy is measured through the members’s health condition, nutrition and education, access to safe drinking water and sanitary toilet facility, house construction and ownership, and awareness of social issues.

Around 20 family-beneficiaries who have exited or waived from the program were recognized during the activity and were awarded certificates.  Several former members of the program also gave testimonies about the life-changing impact of the program.

Ma. Antonieth Cipriano from Navotas City, a solo parent who was under the program for four years before exiting, shared her insight about Pantawid Pamilya.

“Ang programa pong ito ng gobyerno ay nagbibigay ng bagong buhay. Natulungan ako ng programa na maitawid ang mga anak ko mula sa kahirapan sa pamamagitan ng pag-aaral.”

With the help of the program, Mrs. Cipriano is now working as a Social Welfare Assistant in DSWD-NCR. Before becoming a member, she was unemployed and had a difficult time finding a job and providing for her children’s needs. Now, her eldest daughter finished her college education and is employed. Her second child is set to graduate Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics next year, while her youngest child is a Grade 12 student.

With the theme, “Ang Pagpapakilala at Pagkilala sa Natatanging Benepisyaryo ng Pantawid Pamilya”, the activity was also conducted in observance of the International Day for Overcoming Poverty.  The celebration is in line with the program’s goal of breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty. It is also consistent with DSWD’s core organizational outcome to improve the well-being of poor families.

Partner government agencies such as the Local Government Units (LGUs), Department of Health and Department of Education were part of the celebration.

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is a program of the national government implemented through the DSWD in cooperation with LGUs and NGAs. The program invests in health and education of poor households primarily of children aged 18 and below. ###





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