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We Link Cooperative at RSW

Rehabilitation Sheltered Workshop (RSW) envisions to establish a cooperative to support their productivity work for Persons with Disabilities (PWD).  Under the directive of DSWD-NCR’s Management Committee, the RSW proposed the establishment of their We Link Cooperative, which aims to help RSW staff to increase their income, have enough savings and investments, and to promote equitable distribution of net surplus through maximum utilization of economics of scale, cost sharing, and risk-sharing.

Mr. Arnel Cruz, the technical staff of Cooperative Development Authority – Manila Extension Office (CDA-MEO), facilitated a seminar on Establishing Cooperative” last April 24, 2019 at Committee Room 1, Quezon City Hall, Quezon City. He discussed some of the frequently asked questions regarding cooperatives, such as: (1) What is cooperative, (2) What are the objectives and goals of a cooperative, (3) What are the categories of a cooperative, (4) Who can be the members of a cooperative, (5) What are the privileges of a cooperative, (6) What are the different types of cooperative, and, (7) How to organize a cooperative. The said seminar was participated in by transport groups, women, youth, government, and non-government sectors, and other entities who wish to establish a cooperative business at their respective institutions.

The particpants were all enlightened after the orientation, as all the queries were answered by Mr. Cruz and other staff from the CDA-MEO. This helped RSW in identifying their next steps in putting up a cooperative.

Rehabilitation Sheltered Workshop is a non-residential business-work oriented facility which provides sheltered employment opportunities to PWDs. It is located along J.P. Burgos Street, Project 4, Quezon City.


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Haven for children joins “The Santos Knight Frank Get Into Rugby – Junior Touch Rugby Festival”

The Haven for Children joined the celebration of “The Santos Frank Get into Rugby – Junior Touch Rugby Festival” last April 27, 2019 at Southern Plains, Canlubang, Laguna. Tuloy Foundations, Parañaque Eagles, Tuloy sa Don Bosco, and Santos Frank Knight Mavericks also participated in the festival activities.

Touch Rugby refers to the game derived from rugby football in which instead of tackling each other, the players tag their opponents by touching them on any part of the body, clothes, or even the ball. A formal, competitive variety of football known as touch has developed from rugby league into its own kind of sport. Touch rugby games are being played as training activities for rugby league unions, particularly in schools and junior clubs as an informal kind of social sport.

Touch rugby was introduced to Haven for Women by a well-known group called Philippine Rugby Football Union, Inc. Since then, the children loved and enjoyed playing the game as it helps them build their self-esteem, increase their socialization skills, communication skills, teamwork, and their leadership skills.

During the break time, the organizers let the children play some mini gamesto heighten the fun and strenghten camaraderie among themselves.

Haven for Children team garnered nine (9) straight wins out of nine (9) matches from different categories which made the team champion of all the divisions under the 12, 14, and 16 year old categories. The children definitely enjoyed the experience as they bonded well with other players.

Haven for Children is a temporary shelter designed to provide healing and empowerment to former street children. It is located at Alabang–Zapote Road, Cupang, Muntinlupa City.


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EGV Summer Sportsfest 2019

The annual sportfest of Elsie Gaches Village (EGV) was held last April 22-29, 2019 with the theme “Maliksing Pangangatawan, Matalas na Kaisipan tungo sa Luntian na Kapaligiran.

EGV’s Sportsfest 2019 is a week-long celebration with various games and activities facilitated each day to promote physical fitness, sportsmanship and camaraderie among its residents and staff. Participants were divided into four (4) teams wearing costumes from the show Encantadia. The teams were named Hatoraya Red, Sapiro Green, Lireo Blue, and Adamya Yellow.

The event began through a formal opening ceremony. The teams had their parade, followed by the lighting of torch led by selected EGV residents which signaled the start of the games, and thereafter, all went for a Zumba. All groups heated up the Multi-Purpose Hall with their loud cheers and dance moves. The activity continued with relay games in which they have 4 stations, enabling the team members to execute their abstract and gross motor skills, communication, cooperation and strategic planning skills as they finished the challenges.

The second part of the celebration included Board games such as chess and dama, Uno card game, and Jengga.

However the second day was cancelled as Government work was suspended after the 6.2 magnitude earthquake. Due to this, activities scheduled for the second day were compressed to Day 3. These include Bocce, Agawang Itlog, Sack Race, and Croquet.

On the later part of day three, each team rolled all-out support for their players at the basketball elimination game. Residents and staff were combined to form teams. Everyone was so eager to win the battle for championship, but the yellow team and the blue team were the ones who stood up and made it to the final round. Blue team concluded the basketball match with the score of 54-51 in favor of them.

On the fourth day, the staff and residents enjoyed the volleyball elimination games. Teams Hatorya Red and Sapiro Green gave everyone a close fight during the final round and luckily, through hard work and coordination, the Green team won.

On the fifth day, the most awaited part of the Sportsfest 2019 was held. The awarding ceremony for the Mr. and Ms. Sports Fest Sangre and Mulawin Edition got the audience very excited and energetic, as the good looking pairs from each team were presented to compete for the titles. Each pair gave their best shot as they ramped wearing their chosen sports attire, casual attire, and, their Rampionista attire – an attire made with recycled materials, patterned to appear like an armor from Encantadia. Aside from the presentation and creativity, a question and answer portion was held as part of the criteria for judging. All the teammates were very supportive as they cheered their lungs out and flaunted their banners. To end, Ms. April Baliguat (Mulawin) and Mr. Ryan Garlit (Sangre) from the yellow team won the crown as Mr. and Ms. Sportsfest 2019.

All the heads of the center were very cooperative as they actively participated in games wherein they had to eat bananas and singkamas. They even did the chubby bunny (eating of marshmallow), and played a game wherein the girls will have to eat peanuts and pasta on a diaper, and the boys will have to eat ketchup and pasta on a napkin.

Everyone felt that their efforts and hardwork have paid-off as they received the trophies and certificates which symbolize their sportsmanship and competitiveness. Hatorya Red Team sported their way to the top, seconded by Sapiro Green Team, followed by Adamya Yellow Team and lastly, the Lireo Blue Team.

Sportsfest is an opportunity not only to have fun, but also to promote physical fitness and sportsmanship. Values of cooperation, fairness, and sportsmanship were also instilled, regardless which team won or defeated. In the end, the bonding, the enjoyment, and the friendship are all that matters.

Elsie Gaches Village is a residential care facility which provides care and rehabilitation to the abandoned and/or neglected children with special needs. It is located at Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City.


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RSCC’S Kiddie Film Fest

A make-shift cinema was created inside the Reception and Study Center (RSCC) last April 3 to 12, 2019. This activity simulates a movie-going experience to get the children familiarized with film language, as this will help them widen their vocabulary and strengthen their perspective of the outside world.

With parental guidance, the children sat back to enjoy the film line-up, which are: (1) The Ten Commandments, (2) Jesus of Nazareth,  (3) You Never Fly Alone, (4) Jack Em Poy, (5) Seven Days, and (6) The Super Parental Guidance. The staff of RSCC made sure that these films will impart values, etiquette, and inspiration to the children.

The event ended with a question and answer segment to ensure that the children understood what they have watched.

The Reception and Study Center for Children provides temporary care, custody, or alternative family care services to children ages 0 to 6 years old who are deprived of parental care and support, with the aim of helping the children achieve survival, development, and rehabilitation. It is located at Bago-Bantay Extension, Quezon City. ###

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Wells Fargo chooses NK Kids

Private companies conduct community services and outreach programs in barangays, centers, and orphanages as part of their corporate social responsibility. Wells Fargo & Company, an American multinational financial services company enterprising in the Philippines, conducts their volunteer services in the form of simple outreach activities for children, garden clean-up, mentoring work and patient visitation, and community service. This has been an integral part of the company’s culture and every week, they have a line-up of visiting sessions at their favorite government and non-government organizations.

Last April 13, 2019, Wells Fargo conducted an outreach activity at Nayon ng Kabataan where thirty (30) volunteers were present and the same number of children with ages ranging from 8 – 12 years old participated in the program.

The Officer of the Day, Mr. Roy Barber, assisted the volunteers and provided an orientation on the rules and regulations of the center during the conduct of the activity. A brief background on the history, programs, and services of Nayon ng Kabataan was also discussed.

The theme of the program was about Palarong Pinoy. Guided by the volunteers, the children were divided into three (3) groups (Blue, Purple, and Silver) consisting of 10 children per group as they played straw relay, sack race, and calamansi relay. Team Silver was declared as the grand winner of all the games and the losing teams still received consolation prices.

It was indeed a memorable experience for both the children and the volunteers, as overwhelming happiness is evident during and after the activity.

Nayon ng Kabataan is a residential care facility for the abused, orphaned, abandoned, neglected and exploited children ages 7-17 years old, both male and female. It is located at Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City.

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DSWD NCR participates in the conduct of the Pilot Testing for Listahanan 3

NHTU NCR staff together with staff of NHTU IV A and NHTO Central Office

The Department of Social Welfare and Development National Capital Region (DSWD NCR) through the National Household Targeting Unit (NHTU), together with the NHTU IV-A took part in the Pilot Testing for the upcoming 3rd Household Nationwide Assessment of Listahanan. This activity is facilitated by the DSWD Central Office through the National Household Targeting Office and was conducted at Barangay Sun Valley, Parañaque City and at the Municipality of Baras, Rizal held on April 11 and 12, 2019, respectively.

On the first day of the said activity, a courtesy call with Barangay Sun Valley Chairman, Chaky Cortez was held as he gave his full support to all DSWD activities especially the Pilot Testing. Ms. Maricris Laig, Project Development Officer IV of NHTU, shared the objectives and the deployment plan for the activity. She highlighted that the purpose of which is to test the accuracy of the Household Assessment Forms (HAF) and identify possible challenges that might be encountered during the actual assessment.

NHTU staff with Barangay Officials of Barangay Sun Valley, Parañaque City

There were four (4) teams composed of one (1) team leader who acted as Area supervisor and seven (7) members who acted as Area enumerators. During the conduct of the activity, the enumerators were tasked to accomplish five (5) Household Assessment Forms (HAFs) while the AS finished the two (2) HAFs through side-by-side interview and re-interview. During the exit conference at around 4 in the afternoon, the results were shared to the Barangay Officials wherein 134 Households were interviewed as part of the Pilot Test. The NHTU staff from Field Office and Central Office extended its appreciation to the full support provided by the officials and staff of Barangay Sun Valley.

On the second day of the Pilot Testing, the NHTU IV-A together with the NHTU NCR and Central Office paid a courtesy call to the Barangay Officials of Barangay San Salvador as well as the Municipal Administrator of the Municipality of Baras, Rizal. After which, the staff of NHTU IV-A, NCR and Central Office were deployed to different sitios and puroks in said Barangay. At around 4 in the afternoon, 135 Households were declared to be successfully assessed. An exit conference within the group was conducted to cap off the day.

After the two-day activity, all the staff who participated in the Pilot Testing attended the discussion workshop wherein all the observations, issues and concerns that took place during the conduct of the Pilot Testing were addressed. The recommendations that came out from the activity will be used to continuously enhance the HAF in preparation for the Listahanan 3.

Listahanan is an information management system that identifies who and where the poor are. The Listahanan Nationwide Assessment is conducted every four (4) years wherein the Listahanan 1 and 2 were conducted in 2009 and 2015, respectively. ###

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RSCC’s WOW! Experience at the Planetarium

RSCC children amazed with the beauty of the National Planetarium

Selected residents from the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) wandered around in awe at the National Planetarium in Manila last April 12, 2019.

Excitement crossed the children’s eyes as they gazed around to see the simulation of astronomical formations in the outer space and saw the exhibitions of the planets, constellations of zodiac signs, and other astronomical theories. Their energy skyrocketed as the bright, colorful, and spectacular galaxy of the 30-minute show entitled “A Journey to A Billion Suns” was projected via a 360° screenplay inside the big dome. The show was about two scientists talking about the formation of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and how they turned into gigantic suns. It also discussed the eight planets and the purpose of satellites in mapping the directions of astral matter. Finally, as if the galaxy is within their reach, the children held their hands up while seeing that the stars are falling on them. The children wowed in chorus as they appreciated the vast galaxy.

The National Planetarium is a space museum which serves galactic-like reality to its visitors, as it features space-themed shows and exhibitions of the Solar System, major constellations, and other astronomical displays. The Planetarium’s 3-D space simulation certainly gave the children a different kind of learning outside of their classrooms and textbooks. Truly, our universe’s wonders were instilled in their young eyes.

Reception and Study Center for Children is a residential care facility managed by DSWD NCR, which caters 0 – 6 years old children who are abandoned and deprived of parental care and support through provision of temporary care, custody or alternative family care services. It is located at Bago-Bantay Extension, Quezon City. ###

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The Story of a Male Solo Parent

Mr. Raymundo Majadas was born in Palompon, Leyte where he finished his Elementary Education. He explored life opportunity and went to Mandaluyong City in 1994 and worked as a cook in an eatery where we met his wife. In 2002, they got married and are blessed with three (3) children. Unfortunately, in 2006 a problem came across the family and the married couple parted ways leaving the children under his care. Due to the family’s predicament, he stopped working as a cook to attend the needs of his children with his meager income.

Mr. Majadas and his family business

The challenges they went through made him stronger as a man and father for his children. He became a cigarette vendor in 2007 where he earned 700 pesos a day. He bore the heat of the sun just to sell in different areas in Mandaluyong and sometimes, he even went to Divisoria just to earn enough to sustain their necessities.

It was a blessing in disguise when the Local Government of Mandaluyong City implemented the Anti-Smoking Campaign in 2008. Mr. Majadas shifted his source of income. He grabbed this opportunity and started a carinderia business with only Php3,000 capital. He offered different Filipino food for lunch and sometimes went around their Barangay to ensure that food are sold out. Due to a lot of competitors, he was forced to close his carinderia business and instead, ventured in selling accessories in 2010 with only Php2,000 as his capital. He bought accessories from different suppliers in Divisoria and borrowed money to continue his business which he proudly shared that still, runs up to now.

In 2013, his life started to change when he became part of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. According to him, being part of the Program has helped him especially in supporting the education of his children. He spent the remaining cash grants that they received as capital for their business which is their primary source of income. He shared that complying with the Program’s conditions is never a challenge for him. Attending in Family Development Sessions has helped him not just as a father but also a businessman. He added that the topic on Financial Literacy provided additional knowledge that he applies in their business. In 2017, through Sustainable Livelihood Program of the Department, he received Php10,000 as additional capital for their growing business which earns Php1,000 a day.

At present, his eldest child, Shiela Marie is already a second year college in Rizal Technological University, while his second child, Riva Menette (Grade 11) and the youngest, Kelly Hudson (Grade 9) are both studying in Mataas na Paaralang Neptalie A. Gonzales. He proudly shared that his children are academic achievers. After school, his children support him in their business. He added that they developed a deep sense of love for their family and the community by applying the lessons he learned from Family Development Sessions.

Last January 14, 2019, he was recognized as one of the “Successful Fathers” of Mandaluyong City during the Flag Ceremony. He received a cash award amounting to 10,000.00 pesos from the Office of the Mayor. This award is not only a success for Mr. Majadas due to its monetary value rather, the fulfilment felt on raising his children on his own.

He claimed that Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program changed him a lot as a person. Before, he became dependent in alcohol to release his frustrations and was also involved in gambling, but through the help of the Program, he was able to stop all of his vices. He is hoping for the Program’s continuous service for the Filipinos especially those who live in the margins of society.

“Marami pong Pilipinong katulad ko na halos wala ng pag-asa sa buhay ngunit dahil sa tulong ng Programang Pantawid Pamilya, unti unti, nakabangon ako kasama ang aking mga anak at sa patuloy na tulong, alam kong kakayanin na namin,” said Mr. Majadas. ###

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