On August 13, 2019, fifty-five (55) trainees from the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center (NVRC) visited Gardenia, a world-class bread-making plant in the Philippines, and the Tahanang Walang Hagdan, a non-government organization providing services to persons with disabilities (PWDs) specializing for the orthopedically impaired.

Recognized by their world-class bread-making process, Gardenia was also known for its educational tour-friendly facilities that impart knowledge regarding automatic types of machineries.

NVRC’s photo opportunity in front of Gardenia

Just like NVRC, Tahanang Walang Hagdan (TWH) provides programs and services to persons with disabilities. For the second itinerary of the tour, TWH provided orientation on their four workshops such as, metal craft, woodcraft, sewing, and packaging services that provide livelihood to PWDs.

NVRC staff and clients tour at Tahanan Walang Hagdan

NVRC conducts education or industrial tour yearly for their trainees, as part of their Psychological and Vocational Guidance Service that aims to help trainees identify their rehabilitation goals through assessment and evaluation of their cognitive ability, personality framework, and interest.

The trainees’ exposures to these sites serve as inspiration as they realize that PWDs like them can work and be productive. They also learn that aside from NVRC, there are other institutions that can provide training and employment opportunities for PWDs such as themselves. Hence, they become more hopeful and optimistic in their endeavor. More so, it helps them discover and learn things outside of the center and meet new friends and acquaintances.

National Vocational Rehabilitation Center (NVRC) is located at J.P Burgos Street, Project 4, Quezon City. ###

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