Working at the Department of Social Welfare and Development is such a privilege yet fulfilling work, you witness and cater clients that are in dire need. And of course, even being in the backbone of the department, being an Accounting Staff is challenging yet fun, which involves various financial tasks, including preparation of financial statements, reconciling accounts and ensuring compliance in accordance with guidelines.

Despite having a degree in Accountancy at Mountain Province State Polytechnic College and having work experiences in his previous job inside and outside of the country, Mr. Wilbur Cofulan Lawagan started his Job at DSWD as a janitor in the year 2020 while waiting for other jobs he applied for. As it is in the early phase of pandemic, it is relatively hard to find a job even being “raketero” that he is, he grabs any job he gets.

Wilbur’s hard work eventually paid off when he applied for the position of permanent accounting staff in the Accounting Section. His journey from being a janitor to a member of the accounting team became a source of inspiration within the Financial Management Division.

In the midst of pandemic, most offices experience the struggle of staff coordination due to limited face to face communication, this is where Wilbur’s significant contribution made him a valuable part of the Financial Management Division. He maximized the use of internet for monitoring and tracking of Social Amelioration Program where he became the focal person in terms of liquidation.

In spite of busy schedule, Wilbur keeps on striving for professional growth wherein he continuously attends trainings that can help him improve his knowledge on accounting work.

In result, he earned the respect of his colleagues and supervisors for his diligence and unwavering work ethic in which, Wilbur is nominated as Best Administrative Staff of FMD for 2024 DSWD Regional PRAISE.

According to one of his supervisors “His professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and reliability is exceptional. He always ensures that the financial records are thorough and precise.”

He is one of the most approachable, dependable and known for his good working rapport. He constantly meets his targets and give time to study his assigned task, working overtime is not an issue to him even if it is not well compensated and most of the time is “Thank you”, one of his co-workers said.

His story served as a reminder that with dedication, perseverance, and integrity, one can achieve remarkable success.

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